10 Hot Couple Workouts to Do With Your Partner

Working out plays an important role in the health and fitness of a person and it also helps to create a bond. Your gym buddy understands the pain, the problems and the sheer will power it takes to get through your workout. In this case, why not get your significant other on board the health and fitness train? Couple workouts are a fun way to bond, spend time together and push each other to achieve your goals. It can be a bit easy to make mistakes in couple workouts so it is wise to be careful. Always start your workout with a warm-up exercise. This can be anything light like skipping and stretching. This ensures that you don't overstrain your muscles and are able to avoid any injuries. Never try to exercise without a warm-up, even if it is an easy workout. This can significantly impact the kind of results you get from your couple workout.  

10 Hot Couple Workouts to Do With Your Partner

Research also suggests that couples who actively workout together are more likely to successfully complete their chosen fitness program. With a low dropout rate of 8%, this is one of the best ways for anyone to achieve their fitness goals. Even celebrities have gotten onboard this trend and this is why you will see them so often working out with their significant other. From singer Ciara and Russell Wilson to super model Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, you can often see these active celebrities enjoying a workout session. https://www.instagram.com/p/BKLu61LD_iP/?utm_source=ig_embed https://www.instagram.com/p/BWBnAqWhV31/?utm_source=ig_embed With a partner who is already so invested in the sports industry, it is easy to see that they have some of the best coaches, workout equipment and the best workout partners too. It's not just couples with athletes who take their health and fitness seriously. Celebrities are always under the limelight and need to look perfect. Working out is an essential part of their daily routine and having a partner who takes part in it actually helps to strengthen their bond more. Singer Adam Lavine and Behati Prinsloo as well as actor Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Patsky also indulge in some serious couple workouts. https://www.instagram.com/p/9zF4tGwliT/?utm_source=ig_embed https://www.instagram.com/p/BbPnZ9QHo0F/?utm_source=ig_embed Whether you want to look good, lose some pounds or just want to bond in a fun manner, a couple's workout session can be better for you. The best part is that they don't have to be dull or boring either. You can easily find easy workouts and if you are feeling particularly lazy, workouts at home. The following are some of our best suggestions for you:

1. Mix Your Workouts

A good way to workout is by making sure that you mix up your workouts. This means that while you are doing shoulder presses, they can do pushups. Mixing your couple workouts is necessary because not only do you both have different bodies, you also have different fitness goals. Mixing things up also prevents you or your partner from feeling bored from the workout. It also ensures that you are meeting your fitness goals without holding anyone back. Many couple workouts are designed to engage both partners and make it easier for you to workout. Couples also find that by mixing their workouts, they can also learn to trust and bond with their partners.

2. Lying Leg Raises Throw downs

This is a great exercise for an easy workout and can even be done at home. You start out by lying on the floor with your legs extended. Your partner will with one foot on either side of your head and stand with knees bent. You should hold onto your partner's ankles. Now, bend your knees slightly and do a reverse crunch by raising your feet off the floor and towards your partner. Make sure that your hips are raised off the floor. Your partner will then grab your ankles and push them back. When you bring your feet back, don't let them touch the floor and repeat.

3. The Sit n' Twist

This exercise really helps to work out your core muscles. All you have to do is sit back to back with each other on the floor. Make sure that you are both supporting each other and have feet placed properly on the ground. Taking a ball, or a weight, Russian twist and pass it to your partner. In this position, you can then start to pass the ball or the weight you have. Use a weight that you and your partner both can lift without any problems. Make sure you keep your belly down in order to keep your core centered and engaged. Once you're done, switch sides and repeat the same exercise.

4. Cross Jump Lunges

Lunges are a great way to work out your lower body and as part of a couple workout, they can be extremely fun. Make your lunges high energy and a little cardio with cross jumping added to the mix. All you have to do is lunge and jump on the opposite foot to each other. Switch sides and use your hands to grasp and stabilize your partner. Keep an eye on your form and challenge each other to go deeper in the lunge. Remember to take a break if your form is getting ruined or you are feeling imbalanced.

5. Pushup Cross High Five

Pushups can be grueling but they're perfect for strengthening your posture and increasing your metabolic system. While they are so simple to perform that they are always included in easy workouts, pushups do tend to be a bit dull. Luckily, with a couple workout routine you can make them fun for yourself. After each pushup, high five your partner and then do another one. Keep an eye on your form and make sure that your abdominal muscles are engaged and your chin is not tucked into your chest.

6. Double Dare Crunches

This is one of the exercises that made couple workouts so popular. A double crunch is already pretty grueling as you have to assume the position for a crunch then push yourself further by curling up into a ball. In a double dare crunch, you have to perform a crunch while hanging off your partner's body. Using your legs around their waist, keep your core stabilized as you perform a crunch. You can reach up to their shoulders and uncurl by reaching backwards. Your partner can hold on to your thighs to give you more support.

7. Leap Frog

While you might think this is similar to your childhood days this couple exercise makes use of burpees. The burpee leap frog allows you to engage your core, improve balance and stamina. You can leap frog over each other while one partner lies on the floor. Remember to be careful of your landing and also avoid slippery surfaces. To make it more challenging, you can also choose to have a leap frog race by using a yoga ball and leaping over it and see who does the most. Keep good form when leap frog jumping to avoid any injuries. Poor form can result in an accidental kick to your partner's shoulder or head or even cause a twisted ankle.

8. Partner Sleds

This is a fun workout that allows you and your partner to get an intensive workout with ease. You will have to assume the position of a pushup. Instead of placing your feet on the ground, you have to place them on your partner's waist. Your partner should stand in with their feet placed shoulder length apart. When they go in for a squat, you will have to do a pushup and vice versa. Make sure that you're working in synch here. This couple workout also relies on attentiveness on the partner's part. They will have to watch your form and see that you are doing the pushups properly. If you start to feel fatigued, they can then safely lower your legs to the ground, allowing you to get up from the pushup position with ease.

9. Flat Back Chair Twist

A challenging workout that involves a lot of trust, the flat back chair twist also engages your core muscles to the fullest. You and your partner will have to assume a position as if you are sitting in a chair. For added stability, lock your hands together. Like in a squat, make sure your knees are in line with your ankles. Now twist your waist and use one hand to bend and touch the floor. Alternate sides with your partner and keep your tummy tucked in. This will definitely make you feel the burn on your legs and your waistline as well.

10. Reach and Touch Plank

For an intensive core workout, planks are always recommended and if you want to take things to the next level, try out reach and touch planks with your partner. As part of couple workout plans this can be fun and challenging to try with your partner. Start out by assuming the plank position, making sure that your elbow is in line with your shoulder. Your partner should be facing you. Use your abdominal muscles and reach out with one arm to touch your partner's arm. Keep the position for the duration of the plank. Now repeat as many times as the rep set. You can also try to alternate arms in the plank to make it more challenging.

Do's and Don'ts of Couple Workouts

Working out together can be fun but there are a few dos and don'ts to it as well. By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that you are making good progress and aren't annoying your partner or yourself. Many couples don't work out together because of this simple reason. However, couples workout is all about improving your connection with each other so it is necessary to be mindful, kind and considerate.


The following are some simple dos that you need to follow when you want to indulge in couple workout at home or at the gym:
  1. Always keep an eye on the form of your partner and yourself. Good form can prevent muscle damage as well as prevent you from overstraining your body.
  2. Start out with easy workouts and build up to the challenging couple workout exercises. Not every couple can do double dare crunches or the flat back chair twist properly in the first try.
  3. Remember to have fun. It's great to be competitive but don't let your competitive nature ruin the couple workout sessions.
  4. Communicate with your partner while you are working out. If your posture feels bad or you are feeling weak, let them know. They will be ready to help you out and also give you feedback.
  5. Plan out the couple workout session beforehand. You don't want to spring it as a surprise to them. Pick a time that is suitable for the both of you.


The following are some simple don'ts that you need to follow when you want to indulge in couple workout at home or at the gym:
  1. Don't start acting like your partner's coach. You might be going to the gym longer than them but it doesn't mean you know more.
  2. Don't push yourself or your partner. You both have limits and your stamina will build as you keep working out. Pushing yourself too early will result in damage to your body.
  3. Avoid being critical of your partner's performance. Couple workouts are to develop a bond and if your partner has to work on a certain exercise more, help them instead of criticizing them.
  4. Don't become a distraction. If you are working out in the gym, the endorphins you release from working out will make you happy. While it is nice to have fun don't become a nuisance to the other gym goers.
  5. Don't be stuck in an exercise regimen. If you like cardio but your partner likes yoga, don't give up on working together. Be ready to try new exercises. You can look for couple workout plans that are a hybrid of both exercises.
Once you start following these, you will have a lot more fun than you would have imagined. By paying attention to these simple do's and don'ts you can start practicing couple workouts with ease.

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