A Bag For Everyone: 6 Holiday Gift Pairings

Gift-Pairings-Header With the holidays right around the corner, the stress of buying the perfect gift for your friends and family may have become overwhelming. Don't worry – we here at 6 Pack Bags have you covered. Our original meal management bags are the perfect gifts for the health nuts in your life. To take the stress off of your holiday shopping, we've created this simple guide to help you pick out the best meal management bag for all the health-conscious people in your life.

The Busy Businesswoman

She's the hardest working person you know, and you have no clue how she juggles so much while still managing to remain fit. Ease her workload a little bit by giving her the Renee Tote! Not only is this meal management bag sleek and stylish – resembling a designer purse made of authentic vegan leather – but it's also able to fit up to four healthy meals on the go. Don't worry, there are also dozens of discreet pockets, including a designated laptop compartment. No need to compromise between business, health, and fashion ever again! Renee Tote

The Yogi

Yoga is all about balancing relaxation with fitness, channeling your body and mind to calmly push both to their fullest potential. The last thing your yoga-going friend needs is the stress of an oversized yoga bag. The Asana Yoga Tote fixes those problems by providing not only a compact sports bag capable of holding a yoga mat, but also up to two healthy meals to be enjoyed either before or after your session! Asana-Yoga-Tote2

The Serious Gym Rat

We all know someone who practically lives at their gym, continuously pushing themselves to their physical peak. It's a lifestyle we find difficult to fault here at 6 Pack Bags, but there's one downside to spending hours upon hours at the gym: the noticeable lack of food. If your friend is a serious gym rat, they're going to need more than a protein bar to get through their daily regimen. That's where the Beast Duffle comes in! Able to hold up to five healthy meals – as well as compartments for shoes, change of clothes, and personal items – your vigilant gym-going loved one will finally be able to live out of his or her meal management suitcase! Beast-Duffle2

The Outdoorsman

Any trip outdoors – be it hunting, fishing, camping, or day hiking – can be a long one. It's easy to throw a small bag of trail mix into your backpack and call it a day, but your outdoorsy friends deserve better meal management, and they will thank you for the Realtree Innovator 500! Compact and weighing a mere six pounds, this bag is designed for any day trip outdoors with its five-meal compartment and hunting-appropriate camo design. Realtree Innovator

New to the Fit Fam

It can be intimidating entering the world of fitness for the first time. Which machine should you use at the gym? How far should you jog? What exactly should you eat? Traveling can make these questions difficult to answer, especially when going on a trip that will take you away from the healthy ingredients of your kitchen. Fortunately, the Innovator Mini is here to help! The three compartments for healthy meal storage make this medium-sized, lightweight bag perfect for that someone in your life who's ready to make a healthy lifestyle change. Innovator Mini

The Student

Juggling schoolwork, extracurricular activities, a job, and a healthy lifestyle can be extremely tricky. The students in your life are already working with a full plate, so help them lighten their workload with the Expedition Backpack 300. Not only does this discreet meal management bag allow you to store up to three meals a day, but it also leaves you with plenty of room for laptops, tablets, textbooks, and other personal items! Expedition 300 Sport Backpack2


Everyone loves food, but do you have a friend who really loves food? Skip the boxes of chocolate or candy canes and give them our delicious Hot Sauce Gift Set instead! Created in conjunction with master culinary Chef Parke Ulrich, these four 6 Pack-exclusive all-natural hot sauces (Mango Serrano, Habanero, Jalapeno, and Chipotle) are free of gluten and MSG, making them a perfectly healthy addition to any meal. Hot Sauce Gift Set The holidays are a time of giving, and what better to give than the gift of an efficient healthy lifestyle? All of our meal management bags are gifts that keep on giving, encouraging healthy lifestyles with style and innovation any time of the year!

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