5 Apple Watch Fitness Apps to Check Out

Apple Watch Fitness Apps-02 The iPhone was to modern society what fire was to primitive man: the pinnacle of innovation, an addictive utility, and something of a hot commodity. Recently Apple unveiled its latest gift to humanity in the form of a computer that rests on your wrist. Much like a 6 Pack Bag hosts your entire meal management system, Apple Watch fitness apps host a multitude of functions that appeal to consumers seeking refreshing ways to track and analyze their exercise. Join us as we blend technology with well-being and grind through five Apple Watch fitness apps that could save your waistline.

Map My Run

Apple Watch Fitness Apps-03 One of the best Apple Watch fitness apps available at the device's launch is the community driven fitness tracker Map My Run. This application may be competing with the Apple Watch's native fitness application and the likes of Nike's long established Nike+, but do not be fooled! With route genius for geographic tracking, badges for fitness goal support, a social fitness share feature to distribute your burn with the community and access to over 600 different activities, this Apple Watch fitness app is still worth a giving a chance.

Green Kitchen

Apple Watch Fitness Apps-04 Presenting premium recipes from the tips of your fingers to the tip of your tongue, Green Kitchen offers its users over 100 healthy recipes intended to provide the energy and inspiration anyone needs to keep fit. Maintaining the fitness trend for the Apple Watch, Green Kitchen is a unique and fun way to keep track of what goes from your oven to your stomach.

FitStar Yoga

Apple Watch Fitness Apps-05 With the blessing of the Apple Watch, exercise no longer needs to be intimidating, or troublesome. Another one of the Apple Watch fitness apps available now is a yoga instructor that can come with you everywhere. FitStar Yoga is one of two FitStar applications available and accessible as either free or premium. Both options offer valuable features and contact with fitness experts to keep your mind motivated, your routine on track, and your body flexible.

Water Minder

Apple Watch Fitness Apps-06 Water may make up the vast majority of both our planet and our bodies, but would you believe us when we tell you that most of us are drinking far less than we need to? No longer fear a personal bout of drought, as Water Minder was developed to remind us when and how much to hydrate. Have a fear of kidney stones, dry mouth, brittle skin or wicked witches of the west? Download Water Minder and have access to the best water reminder among Apple Watch fitness apps.

Carrot Fit

Apple Watch Fitness Apps-07 For those struggling to get fit, the humorous app Carrot Fit may be the proper motivation you've never thought to look for. While most Apple Watch fitness apps have the tendency to politely inspire exercise, Carrot Fit is the novelty that acts more like an animated college basketball coach that comically nags, harasses and punishes your avatar based on how you respond to your personalized goals and challenges. Failure is not an option, when it comes to Carrot Fit, unless you're looking for a good chuckle, in which case we dare you to put on weight. While 6 Pack Bags provide a dignified way to store your meal management system, the Apple Watch and its predecessors offer a dignified way to even more easily access fitness apps on-the-go. As the realms of health and technology continue to converge, it will be exciting to see what Apple Watch fitness apps come next for this wrist based health tracker.

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