How To Train For A Bikini Fitness Competition, Pt. 2

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We're back with part 2 of Amy Perrin's guide on how to train for a bikini fitness competition. As a newly minted competitor and first-place-winner in her class (twice!), we knew she'd be the perfect fit to share how anyone can get ready for their own bikini competition. In part 2 we discuss how her 6 Pack gym backpack helped her stay fit, the style of outfit you should wear, and more!


The color of your swimsuit is very important. Stay away from bright colors like pink, orange, and yellow. Instead go for cooler colors like dark teal or emerald. Match it to your complexion. If you have a darker complexion, eyes, and hair, you'll want to go with a red color. If you have blue or green eyes, like Amy whose eyes are more teal, you will want your suit to be a similar color so it matches. If you decide on a blue suit, do a darker blue instead of a lighter blue. Make sure your suit is one solid color and doesn't have too much bling on it.


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"If you have confidence you can rock any kind of suit."


If you have short hair, you should get extensions. Judges look for longer hair, so if you already have long hair that's one less thing you have to worry about.

Fitness and Nutrition

Right before a competition, your training shouldn't change too much. It's really your nutrition that must be amped up because what you eat is even more important than training at the gym. If you eat really clean right before a competition, you should be ready to go. Amy doesn't train as much, but rather focuses on her diet.

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"Don't get caught up if you can't work out. It happens: you can't always be at the gym. You can control what you put in your mouth."

"Training wasn't too intense for me. I was only doing cardio three days a week for 30 minutes. I had a really good coach who didn't make me do anything too extreme," Amy said. Some people do an hour and half to two hours of cardio a day, which makes you rebound. That kind of cardio is not maintainable after a competition. What you need to do is prep meals in your gym backpack or duffle bag and follow your diet exactly. If you're too tired to work out, then don't. Your rest comes first."


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When Amy was six days away from her competition, she cut her sodium. When she was two days out, she started cutting her water. She drank about a gallon and a half a day up to the point where she was three days out, and then cut to a gallon a day. The day before the competition she just sipped water. Increasing your fat intake and lowering water and sodium intake really makes your muscles stand out.

On a Budget

It is absolutely possible to train for a competition without access to a gym, although it can definitely be easier to go to the gym instead. Amy says, "I go to the gym because I know that when I'm there, I'm going to put in the work." Even so, Amy does most of her strength training without machines, but by using just bodyweight, which anyone can do at home or on the road. Use a resistance band and a Bosu ball, or if you don't have those, just use a wall. Amy's leg workouts are mostly squats, lunges, and Bulgarian split squats. Some may consider it a setback to not be able to go the gym, but it is possible to train on a budget. If you have a set of free weights, you can work out almost every part of your body.

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From outfit suggestions to training and nutrition tips, follow Amy's advice for a bikini competition and you'll be sure to succeed. One of her biggest tips is to believe in yourself and focus on your progress in a way that makes you happy. You won't get anywhere by stressing about pounds and time spent doing cardio, but you will succeed if you start loving the process. Use a meal management system in your gym bag to focus your nutrition, and you have no reason not to kick ass, at a fitness bikini competition and in life! Follow Amy on Instagram to see her continuing progress, including competing in a national competition and a Spartan Race. Let us know in the comments below if you're planning on competing or to share any of your own bikini fitness competition experiences.


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