Ten Ways You Know You Are Doing Bodybuilding Contest Prep

If you're a bodybuilder and put the work into participating in amateur or professional competitions, then 6 Pack Fitness gives you the ultimate tip of the hat. We know you're a different kind of animal. You're dedicated, you're on top of your game and you can meal plan with the best of them. You're a beast! There is no doubt about it. However, you're also probably a little particular about the way you do things. You'll no doubt see yourself in a few of the items on our list of the "Ten Ways You Know You Are Doing Bodybuilding Contest Prep."

1. You pose in every mirror you walk by

Bridal-Store-Interior-Design-with-glass-mirror Hang on, this could take a while.


2. Date night consists of you and your weights watching weightlifting on TV

bodybuildingcontestprep1 Don't get jealous babe, they don't look as good as you.


3. This is the place where everyone knows your name.

costco-warehouse2 "I will freak the f*ck out if there's a cookie sample between the meat department and checkout."


4. You can calculate the exact cost of shipping a box of canned tuna to a hotel in your head


Times three, carry the tuna.


5. Your neighbors think you have a roommate...

 But you don't.


6. You've convinced everyone that nothing tastes better than eating the exact same meals every single day

Monday - Saturday: chicken and rice. Cheat day: rice and chicken and Chalula.


7. You are more than happy to give directions. At any time. For whatever reason.

 "You want the nearest gas station? It's THAT WAY. So is the beach. And some other places."


8. You threw out all of your junk food AND vocabulary


You had us at "Yeah..."


9. After the show, this is your after party

You got to keep pushing.


10. And after the party, you work out in the hotel lobby


You got to keep pushing.

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