6 Pack Fitness X BSN Supplements Athlete Camille Leblanc-Bazinet Pt. 2


For Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, there are no excuses, you just get the job done. This mentality holds beyond the gym and spreads to when the CrossFit all-star hits the books for her current college studies. "It's a lot like CrossFit, you suck it up and you do it," Leblanc-Bazinet says of finding time to fit in her education, training, competition and family/social life. Finding a way to balance all of the things you want to do and need to do can be a tricky subject. In the second part of our blog series highlighting the life of BSN Supplements athlete Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, she chats with 6 Pack Fitness about her continued education and how it plays into her CrossFit future. Have you ever met a fitness freak working towards a degree in Chemical Engineering? You have now... Camille-Leblanc-Bazinet-08 You're finishing up your degree right now. Congrats! Oh my god! I just got such bad news. It's going to be longer than I thought. I still have two semesters left, but the department decided to change when they were offering one of my last classes. I was so mad. Dammit [Laughs]! This is my last year and it's just going to be a very long two semesters. How do you balance school, competition, eating right and training? I don't know [Laughs]. It was easy when I started because for my first CrossFit Games, you didn't have to train as much as you do now. The volume of training now is pretty insane and everyone else is constantly getting better. The main thing that has helped me balance all of this is my group of support that surrounds me. My friends, my family, my coaches and my husband are all understanding and they are the ones that help me get through all of that. Trust me, when I'm in the middle of my finals, I'm not fun to be with. I'm just running around like a crazy. How do you find relief from your hectic schedule? Do you find it in the gym? I really like to challenge myself in every single aspect of my life. School challenges me more mentally than CrossFit and it really teaches me how to focus on something for a really long time, especially something I don't like. I don't like all my classes, but when I work really hard and study, I feel this sense of pride that's different than anything else in my life. That makes me happy. It's a good balance, but I just wish that I picked a degree that was easier [Laughs]. What are your plans for when you graduate? Stick with CrossFit or use your Chemical Engineering degree? My plan is to pretty much live in the moment. I'm getting specialized in long-term implements for water, air treatment and recycling processes for industry. For me, what I've always wanted to do is help and one of the best ways I've found to help is to save the planet by trying to bring pollution down. That's what I'd really like to do. I definitely think I'll be doing something like that at a certain point. 2013 is almost over. Do you have any goals for yourself in 2014, whether they be school or CrossFit related? I'm still in 2013 in my head because I gave myself goals for this year. I haven't set any for 2014 yet. For 2013, one of my goals is to smash 200 pounds and I'm pretty near that and my other goal was to run a mile in under 6:30. That would be really good for me. I'm pretty much there. All of my other goals, I've already reached before the end of the year. Camille-Leblanc-Bazinet-010 If you've already failed on your 2013 goals, don't quit now! Charge at them like Camille and take on your weaknesses head on in 2014. In the next installment of our blog series, you'll find out just how she tackles her weaknesses and prepares for CrossFit events in the gym and the kitchen.  

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