The Best Way to Care For Your Bag & Accessories

Best-Way-to-Care-For-Your-Bag-Header2 "No, I'm serious – she peed all over my bag." I try my hardest not to crack up as I listen to the customer retell their story. Apparently, Betsy had decided that the tree behind the house just wasn't cutting it for her bathroom needs. The customer had walked in on her dog relieving herself inside her beautiful new Beast Duffle. Livid, she now needed to know how best to care for her (Pee)st Duffle. Our customer service team actually receives this question frequently – well, it usually doesn't involve a dog or peeing! – of how, in general, to care for the bag and its accessory items. That'll be the topic of today's post, so let's get started!

The Bags

So, how do you keep your new baby clean? Life happens, and so do stains. Personally, I am guilty of staining my bag with the totally controlled, totally reasonable amounts of peanut butter I eat. 6 Pack Fitness does not suggest putting the bag in the washing machine; instead, we recommend using a solution of warm water and baking soda for those delicious, oily stains. The Bag

The Trusty Containers

How about those stained containers from your well-deserved spaghetti night? Same solution: put some warm water and baking soda in the container, and allow to sit overnight. The stains should come right off the next morning. So fresh and so clean! Another note on containers: While they are dishwasher-safe, we suggest using the top rack only. You can also feel free to wash your containers by hand! Hand washing the containers will preserve their lifespan the longest (and will also help those hand/forearm gainzzzz). Finally, please remember to remove the lid before putting the container in the microwave – under extreme heat, the lid will warp! The Containers

The Gel Packs

That leaves us with your hardworking gel packs. They need love, too! 6 Pack Fitness recommends you lay them flat when freezing to help them maintain their shape. If you are travelling with your 6 Pack Bag, please ensure that your packs are frozen before taking them through TSA. Finally, maintain C4 intake levels to a bare minimum to prevent dropping your gel packs while frozen (if dropped when frozen, gel packs will split open and then you'll be sad). Yup – put the powder down. To recap: Baking soda and warm water are your friends. Excessive C4 is not. Flat and frozen gel packs will make your life happy. So will peanut butter. The Gel Packs We hope this helps! As always, feel free to reach out to our fantastic customer service reps with any other questions regarding your bag. Email: Phone number: 888-240-7009, ext. 1 About the author: Danielle Levy-Wolins knows these bags through and through! She works in 6 Pack Fitness' customer service department, helping crush conundrums and plow through problems. When she isn't at her desk, she can be found upside-down in a handstand or lifting weights at her CrossFit gym. Check out more of her work in her primer to CrossFit nutrition.

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