Date Night Dinner Dishes: Sweet & Savory

Date Night Dinner-02 Does a healthy and romantic date night dinner sound like the perfect way to treat your swolemate? Look no further! 6 Pack has all the tips you need to indulge your special someone without compromising your meal management goals. Prepare your menu ahead of time, store it in one of your meal management bags, and surprise your date at their house (or as a picnic if the weather allows) with a deliciously nutritious date night dinner!

Date Night Dinner: Sweet & Savory Menu

Easy Caprese Salad

SOCIAL-Caprese-Nogo Get your date night dinner started off on the right foot with a simple Caprese salad appetizer. Combine delicious red tomatoes, green basil, and fresh mozzarella for the perfect starter. Enjoy one another's company as you snack on a Caprese salad before diving into your sweet and savory entrée. Get the full recipe here!

Turkey Veggie Meatloaf

SOCIAL-TurkeyVeggieMeatloaf-Nogo Nothing says savory like a thick slice of classic homemade meatloaf. This classic dish can pack a lot of calories, but our healthy veggie spin on the traditional recipe ensures that you and your date can dine away, guilt-free. Date Night Dinner Tip: Pack all of your ingredients in your meal management bag to take to your date's house. Spend some intimate time with one another by cooking together. Get the full recipe here!

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

SOCIAL-MPS-SweetPotatorFries-LogoLiven up the evening with nutrient-packed sweet potatoes. Fries are usually greasy and unhealthy, but our baked sweet potato variety offers a great alternative without losing that amazingly satisfying savory taste we all love. Date Night Dinner Tip: If you want to prepare your meal ahead, give yourself enough time to let your sweet potato fries cool completely before storing them in an airtight container. This will keep them from getting soggy. Get the full recipe here!

Pumpkin Protein Cookies

SOCIAL-PumpkinProteinCookies-Nogo The best way to wind down your date night dinner is with delicious pumpkin protein cookies. This treat combines spices and sweet flavors into one seriously satisfying dessert. Together you can make a tasty batch to enjoy for snacking all week long. Don't forget the almond milk! Get the full recipe here! Planning the perfect date night can be difficult, but if you've found your swolemate, 6 Pack has you covered. Couples who meal prep together, stay together. For even more ways to stay fit with the love of your life, check out our Valentine's Day feature on couples' fitness with Chris and Maribel LaLanne. You have no excuses: load up your gym bag, gym backpack, or gym tote with one of our nutritiously tasty recipes and make your training partner's night with a healthy date night dinner!

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