Day Hike Essentials Guide: 15 Must-Have Items + Bonus 2 More!

Day-Hike-Essentials-Header2 Fall is the perfect season for day hikes, isn't it? Nothing is quite like the beauty of the changing leaves, witnessed in all its colorful, autumnal glory. Well, now there's a new 6 Pack Bag to match the season, too – we've partnered up with Realtree, and we're now proud to announce the release of our new limited edition 6 Pack Fitness Realtree Camo Bags, available in Expedition 300, Innovator 500, Innovator 300, and Innovator Mini styles! Realtree Resized

Limited Edition Realtree Camo Bags

The stars of our guide to your next day hike are our new limited edition bags, covered in Realtree camo – the perfect accompaniment for the fitness enthusiast who loves the outdoors! Whether preparing for a day-long excursion or a week in the woods waiting for the perfect shot, hunters and hikers alike will love these camo-covered bags. Get your Innovator Mini now and check back soon for the others! ealtree-Camo-Bag02

Sog Knife

You can't go wrong with the Cash Card pocket knife from Sog. The easy-opening blade makes this knife simple to use, while the money clip ensures you can carry cash and cards with you – not exactly necessary during your hike, but it does make this pocket knife useful for any trip! 2 - Sog Knife

Sog Multitool

The PowerPlay multitool from Sog is another essential to bring with you into the woods. Many often-used tool components are combined in this item, including both a straight edge and fully serrated blade. 3 - Sog Multitool


You'll want a few different sizes of these handy portable scoop and funnel containers, so you might as well get the Scoopie Quad 4-Pack! Use them to move your protein powder as well as for their general measuring cup function. 4 - Scoopie

Metabolic Nutrition Lean Muscle Weight Gainer

And this is why you'll need Scoopies on hand€¦ you can't forget your protein supplements! We recommend the Chocolate Milkshake; a sample packet is a good size to bring on a day hike. 5 - Metabolic Nutrition Lean Muscle Weight Gainer

6 Pack Fitness Power Thirst Hydration Bottle

You can't go on a hike without making sure you've brought enough water. Luckily for you, our Power Thirst Hydration Bottle holds up to 2.2 liters of water, is made from recyclable material, and is BPA-free. You have no excuse for dehydration with this bottle on hand! 6-Pack-Fitness-Power-Thirst-Hydration-Bottle2

Oral I.V. Hydration Tubes

Speaking of water, pump yours up with the Oral I.V. 4-pack. Unlike sports or energy drinks, these hydration tubes have no artificial ingredients, sugar, caffeine, or stimulants. They are intended to be consumed with water so you can get all the benefits of all-natural electrolytes. 6 - Oral I.V. Hydration Tubes

PackTowl Nano

If you're going on a day hike, you should have a handy little towel. We like the compact, quick-drying Nano from PackTowl. 8-PackTowl2

6 Pack Fitness FlavorAmp Hot Sauces

How are you going to keep your meals extra flavorful during your hike? By having 6 Pack Fitness' FlavorAmp Hot Sauces on deck for easy dipping, of course! 6-Pack-Fitness-FlavorAmp-Hot-Sauces2

6 Pack Fitness Travel Utensils

You're going to need some portable utensils to dig into your food when you need to refuel your body during the hike€¦ and that's where our Travel Utensils come in! 6-Pack-Fitness-Utensils-2

Coola Sunscreen

The power of the sun's rays can have an effect on our skin all year round, so make sure to take care of yours by packing some Coola Sunscreen in your bag. Coola-Sunscreen2

OFF! Insect Repellent

Perhaps the only item more important to our skin in the woods than sunscreen is bug spray. Keep those suckers far, far away with some OFF! Deep Woods Insect Repellent. 12 - OFF Bugspray

Oakley Sunglasses

Speaking of the sun, you're going to want a pair of sunglasses to keep you comfortably looking ahead as you traverse your path through the woods. Keep it stylish with Oakley's Hold On Polarized pair of shades. 14 - Oakley Sunglasses

Vermont Meat Snacks

Like your snacks to have a peppery kick? Try Vermont Smoke & Cure's Cracked Pepper and Beef Sticks, which are made from lean, humanely-raised beef and pork for a nourishing real meat protein. 13 - Vermont Meat Snacks

Day Hiker First Aid Kit

If there's one item that you absolutely, positively cannot forget to bring on your day hike, it's a First Aid Kit. We recommend the REI Day Hiker First-Aid Kit, as it comes with medical supply essentials for up to 2 people. Day-Hiker-First-Aid-Kit2

Bonus Items

Thorolo Hiking Socks

The Thorolo Hiking Socks are a bonus because you don't need to pack them into your bag€¦ you just wear them on the hike! But you might want to be extra-prepared with another pair, just in case. 16 - Thorolo Hiking Socks


The WindPouch, an inflatable hammock, is a bonus as it's a little big, so whether you bring it it depends a bit on how much space you have left over. When deflated and inside its carrying case, the WindPouch has these dimensions: 14 x 7 x 3.5 inches. 17 - Wind Pouch As if you REALLY needed an excuse to hit up your local national park€¦ a day hike is pretty much the perfect one! With our guide to the essentials your mini-trip calls for, and of course the 6 Pack Fitness Realtree Camo Bag to carry them all in, you will be fully prepared to enjoy a day full of hiking among nature's majesty. Day-Hike-Essentials-Footer2

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