Fall Fitness: 5 Tips You Need

Fall-Fitness-04 The time for fall fitness has arrived! Summer is over and colder days will soon be upon those of us living in northern climates. The thing is, people often use the fall as an excuse to hunker down and put their fitness routines into hibernation. It's actually the perfect time to get back on the fitness train if you've fallen off – or, if you haven't, try something new that's connected to the season.

1. Use the weather to your advantage.

Outdoor exercise is that much more enjoyable when the temperature is a bit cooler. Going for walks, hikes, bike rides, even rollerblading – not only do they provide great exercise, but they also present plenty of opportunities to let your feet and/or wheels take you somewhere you've never been before. Before it gets too chilly, it can also be a great time to hit up the beach, as it will be far less crowded!

2. Try something different.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to ballet dance? Tap dance? Play tennis? Incorporate a new type of activity into your exercise, such as kickboxing? Many facilities start new classes in the fall, so take a look at what's happening at some of your local gyms and recreational facilities and you might just find your new favorite fall fitness activity! Fall-Fitness-02

3. Move while you're watching TV.

The fall season sees our favorite TV shows returning, as well as the premiere of new shows you might just fall in love with. As is apparent in numerous gyms, TV is a perfect pairing with many types of exercise that don't require super intense concentration or focus. So if preparing to enjoy some new TV this fall, fitness freak or not, pair it with some cardio to make the most of your time – and you might just become a fitness freak yet! Don't forget to make the most of commercial breaks to get some push-ups or sit-ups in as well.

4. Be prepared for darkness.

Getting your workout in outdoors is one of the reasons we love fall so much, but there is a catch: darkness arrives earlier at night and stays later in the morning, so it's important to be aware of your surroundings. The most important tips are to wear reflective workout attire and make sure to bring a flashlight. Fall-Fitness-03

5. Dress appropriately!

Another important fall fitness tip it can be easy to forget is the importance of dressing appropriately. Three layers of clothing are optimal: an inner layer that's made of some type of moisture-wicking fabric to get rid of sweat and keep you from getting chilled; a second layer that provides more warmth; and a third layer that is more protective, such as a windbreaker. You will feel cold at first, but once you start moving and your blood starts pumping, your body will be warmed up, so it's critical not to overdress, either. You lose the most heat through your head, so make sure to wear a hat during chilly runs – and don't forget sunglasses! You must protect yourself from UV rays all year round, not just during the dog days of summer. Whether you try a new activity, build on your workout goals, or some combination of both, fall fitness can bring some fun to your exercise routine, particularly if you prepare properly. Of course, exercise alone isn't going to cut it, your nutrition must be on point, too – so make sure you're on your A-game all around with our original meal management bags! Whether you prefer gym totes, gym backpacks, or sports duffle bags, there's a style for everyone – and now we even offer meal delivery, just to make sure you have no excuses to get fit and stay that way.

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