Why We Love the Fit Women of 6 Pack for Women's Day

Darlene Taylor Bod Blast Boot Camp It's International Women's Day, and perhaps now more than ever we must recognize and show our support for all the wonderfully hard-working women out there secretly keeping the world running. Check out just six reasons we love the amazingly fit ladies who love 6 Pack!

1. Women are true fitness warriors, as our personal trainer-ambassadors show.

For one thing, almost all the awesome 6 Pack ambassadors highlighted in our feature on how to choose a personal trainer are women. The majority of our guest features are penned by women as well, from the prolific Jaime Filer who loves to spill ink on the mental components of working out, such as how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and the true value of discipline; to how to meal prep on the farm with popular blogger Rural Mom Barb Webb; to personal trainer and police officer Leah Berti's guide to finding balance in your workout schedule.

Crossfit-Meal-Prep-03Jaime Filer at a CrossFit gym.

2. Women possess impressive transformative capabilities.

Our most recent fitness transformation is one such strong woman, Mia Boostrom, who gained a newfound respect for herself after she changed her lifestyle; other inspiring stories of women from all walks of life in all manner of shape include trauma nurse Kayla Gill, who lost over 200 pounds in her quest for an improved life, and professional musician Jennifer dos Santos, who became a new person after overcoming a diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor, which became so small it even ceased to show up on her latest MRI scan.

3. Women know how to build muscle.

Jaime Filer's badass pen appears again; she wrote us this great guide to building muscle for women, which is a must for any woman who has struggled toward achieving those gains she knows are possible. The power of women who lift is another way we have approached this all-too-necessary subject; last but not least, catch up on the top ab exercises for women (the men get a shout-out in this one, too) with tips from ambassador and personal trainer Chandler Rogers.

4. Women kick ass at traveling fit – and don't mind sharing their knowledge.

Just leave it to Darlene Taylor, the mind behind this veritable handbook on how to travel fit during the holidays, with such awesome advice as how to pack the right stuff in your carry-on (one of our women's gym totes, right?) and tips on exercising at the airport. One of our favorite globetrotting ambassadors, Ryall Graber, swears by her Renee Tote, which has traveled by her side from the Arnold Classic in Brazil and Australia to her adventures in Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, and Luxembourg and Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy.

Ryall Graber - VeniceRyall and Renee in Venice.

5. Women understand the importance of nutrition.

From the ambassadors who let us share their recipes, like Brie Thomas' recipe for peanut butter protein pancakes; to those who write entire guides for us, like the unstoppable Darlene Taylor's comprehensive guide to vegan meal prep and shopping tips to make your life easier; and hardworking Chandler Rogers' guide to a simple low-carb diet; and finally Dr. Stacey Naito's breakdown of the best food for good skin, these ladies know that bodies are built in the kitchen – and we're grateful they're so willing to share their culinary secrets with us!

6. Women give life; many fit moms are some of the most inspirational women we know!Fit Moms-02

It's true that no matter what your gender is, loving and raising a child in either role of mom or dad is an amazing and beautiful thing, but today we want to light the torch for all the fit moms we've featured in the past. Maribel Lalanne, who is co-owner of Lalanne Fitness Crossfit with her husband Chris, taught us how to love our bodies, while certified personal trainer and fitness writer Rita Catolino showed us how simple it can be to meal prep healthy gourmet-style. Tiffany Gaston, another fitness writer, fit mom, and paleo cook, gave us tips on how to make clean eating for kids work for your family – and we celebrated all these women and more in the 6PF Mother's Day Fit Moms Hall of Fame! It's time for the women of the world to take over, 'cause if they don't, it won't take long before the world comes to an end! In seriousness, badass women make the world go around, so salute, support, and most importantly love all the awesome, beautiful women in your lives – not just on International Women's Day, but all year round. Header image is Darlene Taylor at one of her Bod Blast Boot Camp training sessions.

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