Chandice's Guide to Gluten-Free Travel

Gluten Free Travel02Gluten-free travel can be absolutely daunting if you aren't prepared. Getting sick on vacation is the last thing anyone wants. With a bit of planning and organization, you can ensure that you have safe foods wherever you are. Follow these steps to help make your gluten-free travels as smooth as possible.

Be prepared.

Remember that old Boy Scout motto? If you are gluten-free, this is now your motto for life! Always be prepared with snacks and meals. I LOVE my Six Pack Bags (Renee, Vixen and Innovator 300) and highly recommend them. I literally don't go anywhere without at least one of these bags. I use my Renee almost daily as I am out and about with the kiddos. It works great as a diaper bag because of its larger size. I can easily pack a two meals and a snack for myself as well as a meal and snack for my two little guys. I can even fit the baby's necessities in this bag. My Vixen is a sexier bag and one I take when I go out for girl's night, date night or on a day of shopping on my own. Oh wait, I don't have time for that! This bag makes taking a healthy snack to the movies so easy. I can pack one for me and one for my hubs since there are two meal containers. The Innovator 300 is reserved for longer trips when my purse and an additional meal bag are needed. I like to bring healthy bars as well as whole grain gluten-free bread that you may not be able to find at your destination. You can even take certified gluten-free oats that can easily be made in your hotel room using hot water from the coffee pot.

Search gluten-free travel apps and sites.

There are so many great apps out there to make your gluten-free travel easier. Find Me Gluten-Free and Can I Eat Here? are great and ones I use regularly. The Gluten-Free Travel site can also help in many ways from planning to what your dining will be like once you arrive at your destination. I love finding a restaurant that offers delicious gluten-free food and knowing that I can take home to leftovers in my purse! To-go box? Yes thank you, I can keep it cool in my 6 Pack Bag!

Make friends with local gluten-free bloggers.

While I consider myself a pro at finding the best places to eat in each city I visit I can't possibly know all of them. No matter how much research you do, those secret gems of local gluten-free dining can be missed. For that reason, I recommend you find local bloggers in the places you will be traveling. They often know the secret gems you can't find on your own and can recommend what to order. Who knows, you could even make a great new gluten-free friend!

Prepare travel sizes of your favorite foods & condiments.

Security can be rough for those traveling with food, that's why it is helpful to have travel sizes of your favorite foods and condiments. Having these will also make it easier to quickly get your meal when you need it rather than having to measure, scoop and cut in your lap on the plane. For example, scoop your protein powder and gluten-free oats into single serving sizes for easiest preparation. Also, have your hot sauce and liquid stevia in a 3 oz. or less container to make getting through security a breeze. Gluten Free Travel03

Call ahead & make reservations.

When we went to Disney World we had to do this SIX MONTHS before our trip. Yep, that's right, some places book that far out and Disney World restaurants are some of them. I highly recommend researching where you would like to eat then getting a reservation ASAP. My family and I almost always have our restaurant reservations before we even have our plane tickets when traveling. We have found that in order to enjoy the best dining experience, having a reservation really helps. In addition to ensuring you have a table, reservations also give the chef and staff a chance to be thoroughly prepared for you, a gluten-free diner. As you can see, gluten-free travel is absolutely possible and it can be very enjoyable as well. By taking just a bit of extra time to prepare, your gluten-free journey is bound to be a success!
How To Meal Prep Gluten Free Chandice This guest post on gluten-free travel has been brought to us by Chandice Probst, voice behind the popular gluten-free blog and co-author of Gluten-Free on a Budget. She has also appeared on a TV segment discussing the role the Innovator 500 has played in helping her manage gluten-free fitness. You can read more of her work in our guide on How to Meal Prep: If You're Gluten Free, as well as find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!

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