Gym Slang: Swole Glossary, Part 1

gym slang-02 Welcome, Swoldier Nation, to the first edition of 6PF's new gym slang series: part one of our Swole Glossary. Throughout the history of weight lifting, we have encountered a wide variety of gym jargon and nicknames. As we remember and celebrate our rich history of gym slang, from the classics such as yoked, shredded, and diesel to our old favorite built like a brick s*#t-house, we're proud to bring you the lingo of the Swoldier.


The state of being extremely muscular or buff. Basically, you look huge.
"Hey everyone! Come see how swole I look!"


A person who is continually swole, a swoldier is strong both mentally and physically. They are so swole that the government is considering creating a new branch of military defense led by the original Swoldier himself, Captain Steve Cook, one of our very own 6 Pack athletes. gym slang-03
"Listen here Swoldier! Are you ready for this next super set?"
"Look at me. I'm the Swoldier now."

Swoldier Nation:

The worldwide organization of Swoldiers; a brotherhood and sisterhood of only the most swole.
"Nice set bro. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Swoldier Nation. Now Instagram that pump."


The one you cannot lift without. Your right hand Swoldier. Your pump is simply not the same without your Swolemate. There is no weight that can come in the way of you and your Swolemate. gym slang-05
"Bro, you're my Swolemate. I've known it ever since we first squatted together."

Swole Patrol:

A group of Swoldiers who are carefully examining the gym for new Swoldier Nation recruits, all while never missing a set. It has also been scientifically proven that listening to Snow Patrol while on Swole Patrol increases your chances of locating Swoldiers by 85%.
"Sorry bro, I can't. I'm late for my Swole Patrol shift."
Next time you are about to go get crazy swole, feel free to impress your Swolemate with your newfound knowledge of Swoldier terminology. Until part two of the first in our gym slang series, Swole Glossary, don't forget that every Swoldier needs the perfect gym backpack. Check out more awesome 6 Pack gear here!

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