Gym Slang: Swole Glossary, Part 3


Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. As we wrap up our last segment of the Swole Glossary in our gym slang series, we hope that we've been able to educate you in the lingo of the Swoldier. Lucky for you, we saved a few of our favorite gym slang swole terms for the end. So strap on your 6 Pack gym backpack and hop aboard our Swole Train! (See below.)

Swolbraham Lincoln

Often considered the pinnacle of the Swoldier, a Swolbraham Lincoln is very rare to come by. Not only are they among the most swole at the gym, but they are also the most respected. A Swolbraham Lincoln can be spotted preserving the Swoldier Nation, strengthening the federal Swole Patrol, abolishing ugly form, and modernizing the Swolfie.

"Four squats and seven cleans ago, our Swolbraham Lincoln's brought fourth a new Swoldier Nation, conceived on the leg press, and dedicated to the proposition that all men cannot simply be considered Swoldiers."

Swole and Roll

The act of lifting heavy weights at the gym and then immediately hitting the bar after. Typically, a swole and roll is practiced on a Friday or Saturday evening where lifting can be followed up by going directly to a crowded bar to show off your gains. Usually, Swoldiers work out their arms or chest for extra attention when they know they are going to be performing a swole and roll.


"My biceps looked huge after that workout. I might as well pull a swole and roll tonight, and celebrate this pump with a few cold ones."


Getting extra swole specifically for a concert or music festival; most commonly for the music festival Coachella in California. At an event where shirts are optional and tank tops are preferred, it is absolutely essential for a Swoldier to be as swole as possible while rocking their faces off. If you're planning on attending any summer concert festivals, especially Coachella, getting Swolechella is crucial.

"One more set. Then I will be fully Swolechella'd and ready to see Mumford and Sons."

Swole Train

Similar to a Swole Patrol (see Part 2), a Swole Train is a group of people who are considered super swole. Unlike a Swole Patrol, however, there is no purpose of a Swole Train other than to be associated with a group of the most elite. Yet, don't assume jumping on the Swole Train is an easy task. There is no "all aboard". You have to pump some serious iron to get a ticket on this train.


"Have you seen Jimmy lately?"

"Yeah bro, he's on the Swole Train."

Swole Shack

The place where you get your swole on. Whether it is the local gym, a nearby playground with a perfect pull-up bar, or your makeshift garage gym, your Swole Shack is your own personal oasis. This is where you go to clear your mind, release negative energy, and most importantly, lift a stupid amount of weight.

"Come on Robin! To the Swole Shack! There's not a moment to lose!"

We hope that you've enjoyed exploring the wide world of swole terms as much as we've enjoyed presenting them to you. Now that you have graduated from our Swole School and your gym tote is full of new gym slang, let us know which terms are your favorite on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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