Heading to a Super Bowl party? Here's what's in my 6 Pack Fitness bag for the Big Game!

By Ashley Jenelle https://www.instagram.com/ifbbpro_ashleyjenelle   The saying, "Fail to prepare or prepare to fail" may sound cliche, but it couldn't be more true, especially when it comes to holidays, events, and parties. Don't just tell yourself, "I'll pick up some healthy snacks on the way," or "I bet there will be something healthy there to eat." Take charge and show up prepared! Trust me, if you are currently working towards a goal, the last thing you want to do is put yourself in a dilemma when it comes to food. Super Bowl parties happen to be one of THE most snack-tempting parties of the year. Being a girl who LOVES her some football and growing up in a home that lived and breathed Dallas Cowboys football, I can't deny I've had some memorable Super Bowl party snacks in my day. But for the past three years, I've spent the Super Bowl prepping and training for shows, which means I've had to kiss those memorable snacks bye-bye. Arriving prepared with a full 6 Pack Bag to help me fight any urges and temptation has helped me stay on track. With the 2018 Super Bowl being right around the corner, it'll soon be that time again! Here's a sneak peek of what'll be in my bag come Sunday's big game: Raw almonds - While nuts are one thing you'll find at any Super Bowl party, it's usually mixed nuts or honey roasted peanuts. Raw almonds are as clean as you can get and are jam-packed with nutrients and healthy fats Two meals - Given how long the Super Bowl is, especially with pre and post party festivities, be extra prepared with not only one meal within your plan, but two! Oh Yeah! Nutrition One Bar - Have no fear, your sweet tooth craving is here! One Bars are not only yummy, but they also have just 1g of sugar and 20g of protein per bar. The birthday cake flavor is one of my favorites and makes the perfect guilt-free dessert Celery + Hummus - A great option over chips and dip that's much cleaner, low carb, and protein-packed thanks to the main ingredient in hummus, which is garbanzo beans Refillable water bottle - If you have a goal for water per day, a Super Bowl party is the PERFECT time to chug, chug, chug! I like to strive for 32 ounces per hour when I'm in this type of setting. If you're a talker like me and like to socialize, no problem, set a reminder on your phone to remind you hourly Alright guys, while I know those bowls of 7-layer dip, trays of cheeseballs, and mounds of chips and queso may look oh so tempting, just think about how much better you'll feel the next day after choosing not to indulge and how proud of yourself you'll be for showing up prepared.... TOUCHDOWN!!

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