The Healthiest Fish to Eat And Add to Your Diet

healthiest fish-02 Unless you've been living under a rock your entire life, you probably know that fish are one of the greatest sources of lean protein you can have in your meal management system. Not only do the best fish to eat contain properties that boost your heart's performance, but these same fats and oils also help with brain function on a day-to-day basis. Finding your favorite type of fish can help you maintain a diet for your fitness goal, while still allowing to eat something that is extremely delicious. Check out these healthy picks and be sure to work them into your next meal prep session:


If eating salmon can't help you stay healthy, then you're eating it wrong. Drop the breadcrumbs and other B.S. breadings and put your salmon straight onto the grill or the oven. As one of the best options for healthy fish to eat, salmon provides tons of omega-3 fats, proteins and Vitamin B to the body all at once. In addition to being careful how you prepare your salmon, be sure to try and select wild fish over the farm variety.


It's no surprise sardines are on a list of healthy fish to eat. These small fish pack a kick ass punch of nutrition for their size. Not only high in protein and omega-3s, sardines are also rich in vitamin B12 and vitamin D, which help to keep your body functioning properly. When buying some canned sardines, try to consider what preservatives are used in canning and how much sodium there is per serving. Need a pairing suggestion? Throw fresh sardines on the grill for a few minutes and then put them on top of a nutritious salad.


High in protein, omega-3s, calcium and iron, trout is a unique type of fish that comes in many different varieties and can help your body in many ways. Whether lowering your cholesterol or helping to aid the heart in the fight against heart attacks, strokes or heart disease, this fish can truly transform your diet in many positive ways. Simply bake or grill this healthy fish and you can serve it with tacos, veggies or brown rice for a delicious meal.


Have some wounds that need healing? Oysters may be shellfish, but their healing properties and nutritious nature are enough to land them on this list of the most healthy fish to eat. With high amounts of zinc, protein and vitamins A,B,C and D, oysters can play a vital role in your immune system. Additionally, they don't take as long to break down in your digestive system as heavier meats like pork and beef do. If you're trying to eat healthy and keep building muscle, it's important to keep your body stocked with proteins to continue the growth you're striving for every single day. This list of healthy fish to eat should inspire some new meal options for you and give you some idea of alternatives to your tired menu. Don't settle for falling back on bad habits, but rather continue growing into a more conscious eater. You're killer body will be your thank you for a job well done. Photo Credit: Takeaway

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