Healthy Cereal Options

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When you're trying to get fit, you want to make the best diet choices - that's especially true when it comes to healthy cereal options. Maybe you wake up early for the gym or have to be up at the crack of dawn for work. Sometimes life doesn't cooperate and you don't have time to make a solid dish from your meal management system. Thanks to some healthy cereal options, it's possible to keep yourself moving throughout the day by eating some of these basic breakfast foods.


One of the key traits of healthy cereal options is the amount of fiber included. Eating cereals with high fiber in your meal management system is absolutely necessary if you want a healthy digestive system. Fiber also helps you stay fuller for longer by slowing the release of sugar in the blood stream. Healthy cereal options with a good serving of fiber include those that have a blend of whole grain and nuts.

Whole Grains

As the base of most hearty doses of fiber, healthy cereal options with whole grains also provide essential nutrients to get fit like vitamins, protein, and minerals. Don't be fooled by cereals that fortify their vitamins and minerals on refined grains. Always go with the whole grain option in your 6 Pack Bag whenever possible.


If you had to pick one type of breakfast food to include in your meal management system, this would be it. Oats are king when it comes to healthy cereal options, as they combine all things nutritious into one convenient super-food. Oats can help lower your cholesterol, reduce risk of heart disease and failure, stabilize blood sugar, sharply lowers risk of diabetes and cancer, and feature loads of vital antioxidants.

Low Fat Cereal

If weight loss is your goal, there are plenty of healthy cereal options to help you get there. There are many low-fat cereals, but there are an equal number of high-fat, unhealthy cereals as well. Cereals high in fat sometimes try to mask themselves as healthy with grains and fruit, but if they have toasted grains, they most likely contain loads of saturated fats. Pay attention to labels when picking up your next box. Choosing healthy cereal options for your meal management system may not seem like much, but the benefits they can provide and the great taste can make it an essential part of any diet. Hopefully, this list has given you a good base of healthy cereal options for your 6 Pack Bag and you'll have some new easy-to-make breakfast solutions. Photo Credit: VirtualSteve

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