Healthy Desserts For Your Meal Management System

healthy desserts-02 In the greater pursuit of getting big and leading a healthy lifestyle, there will come a time when you need something sweet. There are tons of healthy desserts that will satisfy these cravings without killing your progress. Whether packed in your meal management system or eaten at home, these desserts are simple to prepare and will be rewarding after a killer gym session.

Chocolate Oatmeal Parfait

Start this recipe by making your own chocolate pudding. This reduces the fat and sugar contents because you are in charge of what goes into the recipe. Then, put together a granola with oats and a small amount of honey. Layer in a glass or pack it in your 6 Pack Bag for something sweet after the gym. Just make sure you put in the workout that warrants the reward.

Clean Brownies

No gluten, no dairy and all natural ingredients make this dessert the perfect way to end a lifting session or a round of cardio. Mix equal parts coconut oil, unsweetened cocoa powder and coconut flower (1/3 cup each). Add five eggs, one-half cup maple syrup, and two teaspoons of vanilla extract. Bake for thirty minutes at 350 degrees for a guilt-free dessert that won't ruin your results. Keep one in your meal management system as motivation to push yourself in the gym.

Fruit and Yogurt

Just like you work to avoid run-of-the-mill workouts, change the way you look at healthy desserts. Ordinary yogurt and fruit cups are nutritious and sweet, but they really aren't worth it after an intense workout. Instead, take some vanilla yogurt and dip fruit in it. Freeze it all together for a dessert that is loaded with calcium, probiotics and vitamins.

Ice Milk

If you're looking for healthy desserts with all of the greatness of ice cream and significantly less fat, ice milk is the answer. Mix one-half cup of sugar with two and a half tablespoons of low fat pudding mix. Mix in a teaspoon of vanilla, a can of low fat evaporated milk and one half cup of egg substitute. Put this in an ice cream mixer to freeze. You're skipping the fat and the cholesterol of egg yolks without losing the protein. Keep your meal management system armed with these healthy desserts and you'll still be able to stay fit. Whether you use them as motivation to lift more, run further or work harder, it's always good to reward yourself after meeting a goal and get the benefit of dessert without undoing your workouts. Photo Credit: dnm

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