8 Healthy Food Ideas You Haven't Tried Yet

Healthy Food Ideas-02 If you're using (or thinking about using) a meal management system, you already have healthy food ideas on your mind. Clean eating is a cornerstone of getting fit and staying fit, but sometimes it can feel like you've tried every beneficial food on the market. Not to worry, as we've combed the nutritional depths of healthy food ideas to inspire and nourish you.


Channel Persephone of Greek myth fame by chomping down on the same healthy fruit she did: pomegranates. This vibrant fruit is loaded with antioxidants, fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. Pomegranates have a tart, jelly-like taste, but they are not lacking a certain sweetness either. Don't be daunted by how to eat these colorful fruits. Simply cut the pomegranate off at the crown, cut the fruit into sections, and place into a bowl of water. Roll out the seed pods (known as arils), strain out the water, and then have at it! You can eat the arils whole or spit out the hard seeds inside. Healthy Food Ideas-03


For unique healthy food ideas, you can't beat the glowing health benefits of sea vegetables. Dulse is one type of seaweed that is packed with nutrients such as potassium, fiber, Vitamin B, and iron. It also contains a great deal of iodine, which helps to regulate the thyroid gland and is only found in seafood or iodized salt. Dulse has a salty, sea-like flavor, and comes in flakes or in bags of dried strips, which are great crumbled over salads or soups. Healthy Food Ideas-04


Another sea vegetable, arame is a type of kelp that is known for its usage in Japanese cuisine. Also high in vitamins and minerals, arame contains impressive amounts of calcium, iodine, magnesium, and vitamin A. It has also been connected with strengthening nails and hair and improving the complexion. With a mild, semi-sweet flavor and firm texture, arame is versatile and can be added to many dishes, including soups, salads, toasted dishes, and casseroles. Healthy Food Ideas-05

Chia Seeds

You know chia from those infamous pets of the '80s and '90s, but did you know that the seeds have numerous nutritional benefits as well? Not only do they bring as much protein to the table as certain nuts, but they also boast alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a plant-based omega-3 fat that is heart-healthy. If you have a sensitive stomach, you'll definitely want to explore healthy food ideas with chia seeds, as they easily absorb liquid, which makes them easier to digest. It also makes them great for adding to oats and pancakes! Healthy Food Ideas-06


Skyr sounds like it would be a metal band or mythological character, but it's actually the traditional yogurt of Iceland. Made from skim milk, it's very similar in both texture and nutrition to Greek yogurt, and delivers a comparable amount of protein as well, with slightly less calories. It's slightly thicker, but a tad sweeter. Not only that, but skyr also has the probiotics you want from your daily dose of yogurt. Look for skyr in the organic yogurt section of your local supermarket. Healthy Food Ideas-07


Everyone knows plenty of healthy food ideas with quinoa, but we think some of the other whole grains out there are just as deserving of the attention. We've chosen amaranth to shine as our healthy whole grain star. Vegetarians should bow at the amaranth altar, as it contains healthy amounts of iron, zinc, and protein – all nutrients that can often be tough to obtain in a vegetarian diet. Cooked, amaranth is thick like porridge, which makes it great for soups, stews, and puddings. It's also easy on the digestive system, boasts plenty of calcium and magnesium, and is gluten-free! Check the natural food section of your supermarket or specialty stores focusing on natural foods to find amaranth. Healthy Food Ideas-08


Asian cuisine is a veritable hotbed of sources for healthy food ideas; consider the traditional Korean dish of fermented cabbage known as kimchi. Just one serving of this dish will provide you with plenty of Vitamin C, carotene, and dietary fiber. And, thanks to the probiotics created during fermentation, kimchi is also an excellent food for promoting digestive health. You'll need at least 3-6 days for the kimchi to ferment, but once prepared, it's as good of a side dish as it is incorporated into stews and soups. Healthy Food Ideas-09


If you've ever seen kohlrabi at the grocery store, you probably thought it was some kind of weird turnip or radish. The underrated kohlrabi is actually related to cabbage and broccoli, with a taste markedly similar to that of broccoli stems. It contains multitudes of potassium, Vitamin C, and phytochemicals that help fight cancer. You can consume this unique vegetable in a number of ways; some of our favorites include fries and fritters. Save the stems for low-calorie snacking! Healthy Food Ideas-010 Whether your meal management system is a gym tote, gym backpack, or sports duffle bag, we know how important it is to you to fill it up with good, clean food. Try something new with the healthy food ideas we've gathered above, and if you want even more, our Meal Prep Sundays recipes always have you covered!

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