Healthy Salmon Recipe Ideas

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Whether it's farmed or wild, packing your meal management system with healthy salmon recipes is the perfect way to sustain a well-balanced diet. There have been questions over which is better, but the differences seem to be more and more subtle, especially since many farms have been cleaning up their act. One thing is for sure, salmon is full of healthy fatty acids, essential vitamins and proteins.

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Salmon Burger

Let's not kid ourselves - Hamburgers are delicious. Yet, just cause you're trying to watch what you put into your body, you don't have stop eating all hamburger-shaped items. Try making your own healthy salmon recipe by combining skinless salmon cuts, Dijon mustard, tarragon, shallots, red onion, olive oil and lemon juice. Grill it up and eat it with or without a whole grain bun, depending on what your diet dictates.

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Salmon Pasta

When it comes to pasta dishes, cooking at home is your best option as you can control what you put into your meal. Too often restaurants will throw in heavy creams and cheeses that will throw your diet out of wack. By creating your own healthy salmon recipe, you'll be able to enjoy pasta without all of the useless calories.

healthy salmon recipe-04Blackened Salmon w/ Rice

So salmon may be a little boring for your taste buds and you might need to add a little spice. No problem! Blackened Salmon is typically dredged in butter to hold on all of the blackened seasoning, but that can lead to a piece of fish that adds up to thousands of calories. Instead, bypass the fat, head straight to spice zone by making your own mix with oregano, basil, thyme, onion powder, paprika, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and ground black pepper. Substitute the butter for a thin layer of olive oil on the salmon so that the seasoning will stick.

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Salmon Salad

No matter you're cooking preference for fish, almost any application can be the perfect for a salad. Fresh from the grill or the can, a healthy salmon salad recipe can literally include anything you want on it. Pack it full of dark leafy greens, sliced tomatoes, beans, avocado and other powerful ingredients, and top it with a mild splash of vinaigrette.

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Salmon And Eggs

You don't have to be limited to lunch and dinner when it comes to healthy salmon recipes. Smoked salmon is the perfect addition to any breakfast plate, especially when paired with eggs. Thanks to an impressive amount of vitamin b-12, niacin and phosphorus, smoked salmon can help your body repair itself after working out and help with your circulation system. When it comes down to it, salmon is extremely healthy, especially if you enjoy meat but are trying to watch you are eating. It's the perfect building block for a kick ass day in the gym and getting things done. Try packing some of these healthy salmon recipes into your meal management system during your next prep sesh.

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