Healthy Weight Loss Tips: Finding A Better Way

healthy weight loss tips-02 We're welcoming back How To Meal Prep PaleoTiffany Gaston, internationally published fitness model, writer, and paleo cook. This time, she lends her voice to a subject that has tripped people up since the beginning of time: healthy weight loss tips. At 6 Pack Fitness, we are firm believers in the utmost importance of putting health first - that's why our meal management systems are designed to help people fulfill their proper daily nutrition the right way! To help anyone who is considering the best way to lose weight, we asked Tiffany for her insight on the best way: the healthy way. Get inspired with her thoughts below! Like so many others this time of year, if you've got a resolution that includes weight loss and getting in better shape, then you're certainly not alone. Wanting to look great in a bikini on an upcoming trip, show up everyone at your high school reunion or be prepared for a wedding are all terrific motivations to encourage change, but how will your outcome be different than years past and how will you maintain it beyond the initial goal? Well, if you follow healthy weight loss tips and find something you can stick with, the inspiration can last long after the chalky meal replacement shakes run out. In order to lose weight, there must either be a deficit in calories consumed, an increase of calories expended or better yet, both! Eating less and moving more is a major step (pun intended) in the right direction. The addition of an exercise program promotes weight loss at an accelerated rate and is a far better option than a drastic caloric deficit. Cutting calories will certainly create change, but if this is a change you can't keep up with forever, it will eventually leave you falling flat. Because our genetics differ, finding the right healthy weight loss tips for you is key; the same thing may not be ideal for everyone. Some trial and error should be expected in that discovery. That said, finding a meal plan you enjoy, can stick with long term, and that isn't so strict it causes you to hibernate from social situations, is essential to your successful. When considering a new diet or lifestyle, some questions you should definitely ask yourself are:

Is it sustainable?

A program that teaches you proper portion control, how to make good choices when dining out and encourages all real food is realistic and ideal. A drastic amount of weight loss in a very brief time period is not healthy and will likely cause a rebound at some point. Crash diets are not the answer; healthy weight loss tips include changing your mindset and relationship with food instead. Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Does it motivate you?

Are you excited about changing your diet? For example, a healthy meal plan for someone may involve eating fish roughly 5 times a day, but are you really going to last beyond the first day if you don't even like fish? Can you tolerate eating it all day, every day? If your answer is no, then this is not a lifestyle change that will last or motivate you. If you enjoy variety and crave an assortment of healthy, tasty foods, you will find motivation in a plan that can offer you flexibility. One of the most useful healthy weight loss tips is to come up with a food plan and meal management system that offers food that is just as enjoyable as it is healthy. healthy weight loss tips-04

Is it realistic?

If someone tells me they are drinking 2-3 meal replacement shakes a day and eating one healthy meal, I tend to cringe a little on the inside. While I do applaud anyone willing to make a change geared towards better health, when the time comes to replace those shakes with actual food in real life situations, how can you sustain the weight loss if you are uncertain of what and how to eat? Utilizing the convenience of a protein shake on the road in place of a drive-through fast food fix is one thing, but the best healthy weight loss tips of all include educating yourself on what real foods will feed and nourish your body over and above any processed, laboratory-created Frankenfoods. healthy weight loss tips-05

Does it encourage good habits?

My definition of health includes both a physical and mental component. Nourishing the mind and body in conjunction are crucial to any new lifestyle endeavor. If there is no room for flexibility, an open meal or an occasional indulgence, a plan that is far too strict may encourage an unhealthy relationship with food. Restricting yourself to the point of insanity could lead to eventually binging on the very foods you've forbidden. A better option will allow for occasional treats in line with your goals. Be it once per week or more, moderation in your diet can encourage a healthier mind/body relationship with food and an overall healthier you! healthy weight loss tips-06 The best healthy weight loss tips will help you carve out a diet that is sustainable, motivational, and realistic. Bring it all together with a meal management system that combines all your food and takes all the guessing out of your daily calories, and there's no excuses not to begin your new fitness journey today – the right way, the healthy way. If you are looking for just a cool watch to keep you looking great and keep-up the laps, we have a great recommendation as well. Gear'd Hardware digital watches are a fantastic way to keep you looking cool with their large face watches. Their high quality watches will keep ticking for years. They are a perfect swole watch for the days when you don't need to monitor your heart. Check out their Zx1-1116 and Zx1-1219 models.

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