How to Love Your Body with Fit Mom Maribel Lalanne

HowToLoveYourBody2The human body is a remarkable thing. It can climb Mount Everest, walk on the moon, squat the weight of an Amazonian manatee (yes, that is a thing), and even triumph over the deadliest of diseases. But when it comes to how to love your body, it is not always easy. Between breakup, vacation, and baby weight- life can get in the way of fitness, and there is a lot of pressure to stay trim and sexy. Sometimes it's pressure we put on ourselves, but the way we feel about our bodies is as important as our fitness routines. When people think "fitness" they think six pack abs and squat-butt, but so much of being healthy depends on how you feel about yourself. The body can't do anything the mind isn't determined to do. You can achieve the body of your dreams, but what is a beautiful body without a beautiful mind? Maribel Lalanne, co-owner of Lalanne Fitness Crossfit, model, and mom is not only a knockout, but a woman whose resiliency of mind is nothing short of miraculous. Lalanne is truly the woman who has it all and loves herself to boot. We have asked her to share her secrets, and let us in on how to love your body.

1.) When did you first get into exercise and fitness?

"I have been athletic my whole life. Soccer and dance was my life, then I discovered CrossFit in 2007. My husband and I opened up LaLanne Fitness in downtown San Francisco in 2008. I train at least 5 days a week and I dance 1-2 days a week."

2.) How has it impacted your life?

"I can't imagine my life without fitness. In 2000, I was in a white water rafting accident and was airlifted to the trauma center, where I spent 4 days temporarily paralyzed from the waist down. They called it 'spinal shock.' It was a long journey to recover from the pain. When I started CrossFit, I strengthened my body to the point where pain was no longer a daily part of my life. It was life-changing and through it, I reclaimed my life. I have been battling other health issues and I truly believe that if I weren't fit, I wouldn't have the stamina to endure the constant physical battle that I'm going through right now. I refuse to lie in a hospital bed and wither away, ever."

3.) How has being a mom affected your relationship to your body/ your exercise routines?

"My son will be 5 years old next week and my daughter is 19 months old. I find balance everyday and make an effort to train, even if it means doing hill sprints with the double stroller or using my kids as weight. Haha! They love it! My son yells, 'GO MOMMY!' While my daughter says, 'AGAIN! AGAIN!' Being a mom only strengthens my desire to stay fit. I want to live a long healthy life for my kids and I want to lead by example." HowToLoveYourBody3

4.) What is your relationship with your body?

"I love my body. It isn't perfect, but it's what God has blessed me with me. I have scars from having my kids via C-section and from my recent hysterectomy, but I love my scars too. They tell a story of my journey and they are my battle wounds."

5.) What motivates you?

"Looking in the mirror and seeing physical changes motivates me. I'm also a model, so knowing that I have target dates to hit when I'm booked for shoots is beyond motivating." HowToLoveYourBody4

6.) What is your greatest struggle?

"My greatest struggles are the ones I can't control. My physical limitations with my health battles. God gives his hardest battles to His toughest soldiers. My faith in Him is strong, so it keeps me going on those days when I feel like giving in. Quitting is never an option. Ever."

7.) What advice do you have for women who are on the path to physical transformation?

"My advice to women who are on the path to physical transformation is to have patience. We are a society who demands instant gratification, but our bodies don't work like that. We must remember that progress is progress, no matter how slow it may come. Celebrate whatever progress you make and make short term and long terms goals, imagine where you will be in 3 months and in a year. I'm pretty transparent about my fitness journey, the accountability helps me stick to my program. Find a workout buddy if you can and hold each other accountable, help push each other and encourage each other. Just keep going, it won't be easy, but it will be worth it!" HowToLoveYourBody Maribel Lalanne and her hubby Chris are paving the way for SF crossfitters. Check out Lalanne Fitness and our own feature on the super fit couple! This interview with Maribel on how to love your body has been brought to us by 6 Pack's social media maven Jade. Check out more of Jade's posts on being proud to prep, h0w to build muscle as a vegetarian, and whether or not the paleo diet is healthy. Browse meal management systems, gym totes, gym backpacks, and more to find the perfect 6 Pack Bag for you!

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