Improve Brain Power With Lifting

Improve Brain Power Weightlifters tend to get a bit of a bad rap in popular culture, often stereotyped a bit negatively when it comes to their intellectual prowess – although here at 6 Pack, we all know that's notreally accurate! Society is catching on too, as new studies are beginning to reveal that this unfair generalization couldn't be further from the truth. As it turns out, even light resistance training for as little as 20 minutes a day can improve brain power.

Strong Muscles = Strong Memory

Multiple studies conducted at various different universities nationwide focused on the link between lifting weights and the development of lesions (age-related holes) in our brains' white matter, which is what passes messages between different brain regions. While these experiments focused on weightlifting's association with memory, researchers paid exceptionally close attention to its connection to memory-faulting diseases like Alzheimer's. The studies were largely similar in execution: 100 adult participants were divided into three different groups, one of which focused on basic weight training, while the other two focused more on cardio. Each of these groups got together to work on their respective routines twice every week for an entire year. Improve Brain Power 1 At the end of the year, researchers discovered something remarkable about the group of weightlifters. Their memories were, on average, 10% more accurate than those in the groups who focused strictly on cardio. Further research indicated that this was due to the exercise-induced stress hormone "norepinephrine", which is closely linked to how our brains process memories. The number of newly-developed lesions were also significantly less frequent. Aside from norepinephrine levels, a lot of researchers see the connection between strong muscles and a strong brain in a simpler way: the brain is a muscle, and like other muscles in your body, will probably shrink with age. If we keep our muscles strong by regularly exercising them throughout the aging process, however, we could alter that shrinking process and potentially improve brain power by simply staying healthier, as well.

Work Hard, Think Easy

That being said, all of the researchers are quick to add one small detail to their conclusions: "A minimum threshold of exercise needs to be achieved." Going to the gym once a week probably won't do anything for your memory, but twice a week – or, better yet, 20 minutes a day – is much more likely to help you improve brain power. Improve Brain Power 2 Of course, in addition to the ability to improve brain power, weightlifting is only one aspect of growing healthy muscles. Without the proper nutrients – such as crucial vitamins and proteins – your body could suffer from micronutrient deficiencies, which would make weightlifting difficult, or even dangerous. We believe that the first step to a healthy life starts in the kitchen, so be sure to prepare yourself health-conscious meals and snacks before and after hitting the gym. From our 6 Pack exclusive recipes to Meal Prep Sundays recipes, we have dozens of culinary concoctions for you to try out right here on our blog. We also understand that a healthy life could also be a busy one. To save you time, order from our new selection of pre-prepared meals and have them delivered right to your door. Cook them up and enjoy on the spot, or pack them up and take them to the gym in our original meal management bags. When you rock with 6 Pack, you have no excuses!

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