Five Innovative Types of Pushups

Push Up Exercise Fess up. You've been in a pushup competition or two in your day. You can crank 'em out with the best of them. However, there are different types of pushups out there that can bring you to your maximum physical peak. Don't give up on your standard pushup, as it's probably a part of your daily regimen, but try tackling these unique exercises to make your body kick even more ass.

Rotational Pushup

By starting out in the classic pushup form, push your body upward and simultaneously rotate one of your arms and extend overhead. Creating a capital T with your body, reach till you are fully extended and bring your arm back down to the original position. Not only will this pushup help build muscles in your arms and shoulders, but it's perfect for working out your core.

Diamond Pushup

The diamond hand symbol isn't just for Kanye and Jay-Z, you can use it in your daily workout to push your body forward. Simply, assume the classic position, than bring your hands together in the diamond shape and do a pushup. Easy? It shouldn't be. Do these to work out your chest, delts, triceps and abs.

Decline Pushup

If you're trying to build up your chest, one of the different types of pushups you can do is the decline pushup. Grab a workout ball, a bench, a 6 Pack Bag or some other sturdy object, put your feet up on it and assume the typical pushup form. If you're doing these fairly easily, move on to single leg decline pushups and push yourself forward.

Suspended Pushup

Whether you're at the gym or using something in your home, try and find straps that are about a foot off the ground. This length will usually work for any size of fitness buff. Keep your core tight while pushing up on the rings and keep your form in order to make sure you are getting the full benefit.

Knee-to-Opposite-Elbow Pushup

Flexing both your hips, abs, back and triceps, these unique pushups will get you sweating and make a huge impact on your body. Using the traditional form, push up and bring your left knee to your right elbow while holding the upward position. Switch back and forth for the ultimate workout. Part of building up your body and getting a massive physique involves changing up your workout. If you keep doing the same old pushups then you're going to keep the same old body. Change it up, try some different types of pushups and get the results you want for yourself.

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