Start 2017 Off Right With a January Fitness Challenge

January Fitness Challenge What better time to transform your life than the first month of a new year? A January fitness challenge is the perfect way to keep your blood pumping after the holidays, when most of us – no matter how fit – are likely to have indulged a little bit more than at any other time of the year. Need some ideas for your challenge? If you're somewhat of a beginner to working out, or find it hard to stick to a routine, try to find some inspiration within the three challenges below!

6PF Core Challenge

If you can stick to something for one month, you can do just about anything. Take it easier by doing 1 set of each 4 times a week; make it harder by increasing to 2 sets of each 4 times a week. Try to improve your speed without losing form each new day; time yourself to be exact. Feel free to switch it up between easy and hard throughout the month – as long as you make a commitment to see the challenge all the way through! 6PF-Core-Challenge02

Yoga Challenge

Even though it's Day 9, it's never too late to jump on the yoga bandwagon – and what better way to get acquainted with the practice than through following along with a yoga YouTube channel? We recommend Yoga With Adriene because no matter level of skill, body type, or gender, everyone is welcome! She encourages people to find what feels good. By committing to a January fitness challenge in the form of Adriene's Yoga Revolution, you'll find yourself almost unconsciously feeling less stress and more strength, physically and emotionally. If you're a traveling yogi, our Asana Yoga Tote is just what you need to take your meditative fitness on the road in comfort and style!

SELF's Challenge

We like what SELF has to offer for a number of reasons. First, they partnered up with model and body image advocate Iskra Lawrence to create the challenge and offer participants a face to follow along with! When you sign up for the challenge, which you can do here, you'll get a 4-week fitness calendar that includes both strength and cardio workouts (you can choose from the various options or follow the calendar exactly), in addition to healthy recipes (find nutritional inspiration with our healthy recipes, too), and daily inspirational emails. (You might also win a tropical getaway at the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort in St. Lucia just for signing up!) January Fitness Challenge 1 A January fitness challenge is the perfect way to hit the ground running! Kickstart your year with one of the challenges above or create your own, but whatever you do, remember that proper nutrition is absolutely vital to fuel your body no matter what kind of workout is best for you. Use our original meal management bags to keep your food by your side at all times – now get out there and get ready to kick 2017's ass!

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