Keeping Your Six Pack During Memorial Day Weekend

Written by: Caroline Weihl Follow her on Instagram: @strongsweetcaroline

Summer weather has us preparing our bodies and wardrobes to soak up the sun and show our hard-earned toned stomachs and six pack abs. Memorial Day is for remembrance and celebration and often includes delicious food and beverages. Follow advice from 6 Pack Fitness to overcome temptations and keep your six pack abs during Memorial Day weekend.

Caroline Weihl - 6 Pack Fitness Athlete Summertime Is Here And It's Time To Party!

If you are like us, we LOVE Memorial Day! It's an "early€ introduction to Summer. There are parades, cook outs and activities to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Depending on what part of the country you live in, the weather is usually warm enough to take a boat out on the lake, host a party on your deck or sit outside in the sunshine. Imagine the scene. A group of guys are chatting around the grill, with sizzling steaks, burgers and bratwursts. Most have an adult beverage in hand. A few feet away, a group of ladies prepare side dishes, desserts and sweeter drinks to enjoy. The sampler trays are filled with finger foods from chips and Buffalo chicken dip to fruit salad. All the temptations look divine.

You've Worked Weeks To Wear That Bikini Don't Slip Up Now

Flashback to the week leading up to Memorial Day. You're facing many other temptations at work and home. As a result, you start to feel overwhelmed and are even tempted to skip a few days of training or have thought about skipping your your morning cardio. This is the week to make or break it. You know you want to show up at the party ready to reveal the hard-earned body you've been preparing since Winter, so what do you do?

Prep with the Renee Tote Here are some tips to keep your six pack abs a focus for Memorial Day Weekend or any other upcoming Summer party you will attend.

1) Remind yourself of your progress.

We are all guilty of taking selfies. Take some time to go back to the start of your "Summer shred€ and reflect on the hard work, sweat and effort you've already put in to it. Do you want to let yourself down over just a few days from Summer?

2) Keep unhealthy food temptations to a minimum.

Since these temptations are sometimes unavoidable, we recommend bringing some healthy alternative snacks with you to keep at your desk, in your "mobile office€ or in your fridge. When you are prepared, you are more likely to succeed!

3) Schedule your workouts into your calendar or phone.

If you have an appointment set, odds are you will not miss it or skip it. Even if you are tired, make an effort to keep yourself in check with your cardio and training sessions. Go to bed a little earlier if you need. Do what it takes to keep that six pack and fulfill your goal.

4) Prepare your own "party snacks€.

You heard right! Ask the host or hostess of the party if it's ok for you to bring your own snacks or a snack to share. It is easy to make healthy substitutes for things like vegetable dip, which you can make from non-fat Greek yogurt. You could also make low-carb wraps with cucumbers and mini stuffed peppers. Or you may decide to even bring a frozen treat like amino acid freezer pops to the party. Get creative and have fun with it€”it is a party, right?

5) Pack it all in a 6 Pack Fitness Meal Management Bag!

Finally, if you know you're going to be gone for a few hours, make sure to prepare ahead of time by meal-prepping and keeping healthy snacks with you. You can keep your meals with you wherever you go and fresh all day long by storing them in a 6 Pack Fitness Meal Management Bag. The Camille Tote is perfect for outdoor events. It not only holds your meals, but it can hold your pool towels too! If you're on-the go, you could grab the Innovator Mini and fill it with your snacks and meals; plus you can use the side pockets for your sunscreen and water bottle. All of the 6 Pack Fitness meal bags come with an insulated liner and freezer gel packs so your food will stay cold no matter how long you're at the office, gym or party. Follow these tips and be excited for big events this summer! We know you've worked hard so don't slip up now when peak bikini and swim trunk season is right around the corner. Swimsuit Season

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