Five Muscle Building Medicine Ball Workouts

medicineballs If you're looking to change up your run-of-the-mill muscle building routine, look no further than medicine ball workouts. Medicine balls increase strength and power by building up type II muscle fibers. With some new moves and the help of healthy meals from your 6 Pack Bags, you'll be bulking up and building bigger muscles in no time. Try these five medicine ball workouts to kill it in the gym and feel the burn.

Squat and Push

Standing with your feet shoulder length apart, hold the medicine ball to your chest. As you squat, push the ball forward to build muscle in the arms and legs and to increase core strength.


This next exercise takes your typical lunge and transforms it into one of the best medicine ball workouts. Start the way you would for a regular lunge. As you move forward with the medicine ball in your hands, twist your body to the side opposite the leg you put forward. Repeat on the other side.


Start standing with legs shoulder length apart, and hold the ball close to your chest. Squat and touch the ball to the floor, then bring it back into your chest, and finally, jump into the air, stretching your arms and the medicine ball above you.

Jumping Lunges

Start these medicine ball workouts the way you would a normal lunge, but keep the medicine ball in your outstretched arms in front of you. Pull the ball into your chest as you prepare to jump and switch lunge positions. Once you land in the opposite lunge positions, push the ball forward again. Repeat these medicine ball workouts 20 times with three to four reps each to start seeing results. Note that you can increase the weight of the medicine ball the way you would increase free weights or machinery resistance to amp up your workout. Don't forget to refuel with water, protein shakes and other items from your 6 Pack Bags to keep hunger at bay and to help repair and build your muscle growth.  

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