The Muscle Building Food Pyramid Pt. 1


Foods that help you create muscle have always been packed in bodybuilding cooler bags, but there has been a new movement towards creating a meal plan based on the style of the classic food pyramid. This muscle building food pyramid applies the same thought as the old school approach that you've been taught since you were a wee gym rat. By creating the right balance of protein, carbs and fat within your diet, you can eat all the right foods and set yourself up for success. Check out the plan below, pack your meal management system wisely and get cracking in the gym.

Avocado and Nuts

As the tip top of the muscle building food pyramid, avocados and nuts are quality foods that are high in fiber, folate and important vitamins. By eating just one serving of either one of these foods everyday, you'll ensure that your body is getting the basic nutrients it needs and that you are ready for the gym at any minutes notice.

Fats and Oils

Many fitness freaks understand that there is a difference between the fat in something like olive oil and ice cream. It's important to know where the line is and use good fats to your advantage. By including two to four servings of items like extra virgin olive oil, flax oil and fish oil in your daily diet plan, you can dominate the muscle building food pyramid and always eat right.


When you were young and they told you that "milk does a body good," they weren't lying. The muscle building food pyramid calls for two to four servings of dairy products a day. Whether from milk, yogurt or cottage cheese, it's important to get your crucial fill of daily dairy to give your body a boost in calcium, potassium and vitamins A,B,D and K.


Whether fresh off the farm or dried in your dehydrator, fruit is a big part of the muscle building food pyramid. Most fruits are stocked full of antioxidants, glycogen, integral vitamins and fiber, which help to keep your system running properly. It's important to eat fruit at the right time of day, so that your body can process it properly and take advantage of the benefits. Try to work in two to four servings a day by eating pineapple in the morning, watermelon before a workout and grapes afterwards. Creating a meal plan that is right for your lifestyle is half the battle of getting big. After all, you can pump those weights forever, but if you don't eat right your muscles will never be the best that they can be. Stay tuned to learn more about the lower half of the muscle building food pyramid and keep fighting the good diet fight.

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