National Donut Day: Doughn't Do It

National Donut Day June is here, and many people will be celebrating today's national holiday with a festival of sugary donut treats. National Donut Day. Sure, it's one day of the year, you have 364 other days to keep to your schedule and work your ass off for your goals, but we're gonna say four words that you'll probably not want to hear. Don't eat a donut! Is a single donut going to destroy your diet and turn you into a fatass? Not likely. Does the occasional cheat help keep you on track? Sure. But even going beyond the fact that any sugary food is going to hurt you, there's a real mental challenge to staying the course today. Fitness is much more about willpower than how much you can lift. It's easy to stick to eating right when you have full encouragement, but being able to stick to your meal management system when the whole world is screaming at you to quit? That's real strength right there. Don't give in to temptation. Shout "hell no!" to every donut you see (not out loud, of course). You'll be way too busy burning calories and breaking past your limits to let anything get in your way. If you're afraid the temptation may be just too much for you, check out some of our healthy eating blogs to give you some strength. 6 Healthy Junk Food Alternatives Planning Ahead With Healthy Office Snacks Food Choices That Promote Weight Loss Healthy Salmon Recipe Ideas Rita Catolino's Guide To Eating Out At Restaurants

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