Office Workout Plan Alternatives

officeworkout Incorporating a diet and exercise plan into your life in and out of the gym is essential if you want results. This means fitting in fitness wherever you can. For those of you spending 40+ hours a week at a desk, a serious office workout plan isn't always possible. So how do you get reps in without bench-pressing the copy machine? First, hit the gym before work. Putting in your reps before the rest of the world is awake will have you feeling amped for the rest of your day. Your coworkers probably need a pot of coffee in the morning. You just need a workout, a shower, and the day's first meal from your 6 Pack Bag. While an office workout plan may not be in the cards, the commute to the office can be an easy way to fit exercise into your day. Throw your 6 Pack Fitness lunch cooler over your shoulder and make the best of your commute to work. If you don't want to break a sweat with a strenuous bike ride to the office, park a good distance from your building and walk to keep your muscles working and blood flowing. Forget what you've heard before about doing leg lifts and shoulder shrugs while at your desk. Unless you're lifting your entire desk with your legs, no office workout plan is going to yield real results. However, it is important to keep active throughout day. Don't spend 8 hours at your desk. Take a few minutes each hour to get up and move, even if it just to walk to your office lobby and back. This will keep you sharp for your work responsibilities, and your post-work fitness responsibilities. It's no secret. Planning and keeping a consistent workout and nutrition routine is the only way to become a lean, mean fitness machine. A desk job can be a necessary evil 'cause gym memberships, workout gear, and the food in your 6 Pack Bag meal management system ain't free. The trick is finding real deal alternatives to the office workout plans that can only take you so far.

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