Six Power Poses to Gain Muscles With Yoga

gain muscles yoga-02 Cardio and strength training are both vital aspects of your fitness regimen, especially when you're looking to build or gain muscles. Yoga works just as well to increase strength while also keeping you focused on your fitness, health and nutrition goals. Grab your yoga mat and meal management system, hit the studio and get ready to get huge - no weights required.

If you're looking to switch up your usual routine or you want to supplement your traditional strength training to gain muscles, yoga is the answer. Practicing yoga requires the use of weights in a different way. By using your own bodyweight, you'll be able to build muscle and increase strength overall. Yoga is also one of the best ways to condition your body. Since this increases flexibility, as well as strength, you're less prone to workout related injuries.

Six Power Poses to Gain Muscles With Yoga


The warrior pose is an effective way to gain muscles with yoga. Lunge forward and raise your arms above your head or have them parallel to the floor with one arm in front of you and one behind you. Continue by doing this on the other side. Repeat five times. The tree pose also helps builds leg muscles. Balancing on one leg, bring your other leg into your body, place your hands together in front of you and hold. Repeat on the other side.


The abs are a target area for many hoping to build up or gain muscle. Yoga poses like the bridge and the plank target your abdomen and will give you the results you're craving. For the bridge, lie on your back and lift yourself using your legs and core. Hold and repeat using your core to keep balanced. The plank also activates core muscles. Begin in a push-up position. Hold for thirty seconds and increase the time as you continue your workout regimen. You're holding your body weight using your core muscles here, allowing for kick ass results without the machines. Plank poses are also beneficial for gaining arm muscles.


If you're looking to really amp up your arms and you have a good sense of balance, try a supported headstand. By using your own weight, this pose helps you increase strength and build muscles in your upper body. Using a wall for support, use your arms and core to get your legs off of the ground and into a headstand position. There are other simple yoga poses that are also good for the arms like side planks, which are similar to the aforementioned regular pose. Lift your torso off of the ground and balance using your arms and core. Repeat on the other side. Building muscle also requires good nutrition. Use your meal management system to fuel up for your day and workout to guarantee you kill it, no matter whether you prefer cardio, traditional strength training or these muscle building poses. It's not difficult to gain muscles with yoga if you repeat exercises, push yourself to hold poses for longer amounts of time and keep disciplined. You're only a few poses away from killer results.    

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