6 Pack Launches New Line of Prepared Meals

Clean-Meal02 First we gave you meal management bags to help you organize your meal prep. Then we gave you hot sauces to help you spice up your meal prep. Now we're upping the ante even more with actual MEALS for your meal prep! You read that correctly: 6 Pack is launching a brand new line of meals. Get the scoop on the meals below – and order yours TODAY. We know that everyone eats a bit differently – after all, that's why we have so many How to Meal Prep guides! But to help make sure that you can fulfill your nutritional needs – no matter what kind of diet you follow – we've come up with a variety of three prepared meals: clean, paleo, and vegetarian. Better yet – EVERY meal container is custom sized to fit our bags. Find out more about each style below!

Clean Meals

Price Range: $13-15 – depending on how many meals you order. What is eating clean? - Whole foods that are minimally processed or refined. - Food in its natural state. - Good mix of macronutrients. What are the benefits? - You will feel energized throughout the day. - You can develop the body type you are striving for. - It's doable by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or weight!


Calories: 400-550 Protein: 20-40g Carbs: 55-85g Fat: 5-20g Clean-Meal01

Paleo Meals

Price Range: $13-16 – depending on how many meals you order. What is eating paleo? - Whole foods that have not been processed. - All-natural. - A diet similar to/based on what our ancestors from the Paleolithic era would have eaten. What are the benefits? - The diet is naturally sustainable. - It can change your body chemistry. - You will be transformed into an energized, fit person! - Find out more about the paleo diet in our Paleo Meal Prep guide!


Calories: 350-450 Protein: 23-29g Carbs: 12-18g Fat: 9-12g Paleo Image

Vegetarian Meals

Price Range: $10-12 – depending on how many meals you order. What is a vegetarian diet like? - Relies mostly on plant-based foods. - Animal products are okay, but no meat or seafood. - Find out more about four of our favorite plant-based proteins! What are the benefits? - Practicing a healthy and humane lifestyle. - Contains less fat and more fiber, which both contribute to a heart-healthy diet.


Calories: 400-550 Protein: 20-40g Carbs: 35-90g Fat: 5-25g Veg Meal 2-day, temperature-controlled shipping via FedEx is also included when you purchase the meals! So, what are you waiting for? We love to promote "No excuses" – and now, you have even less! And, let us remind you, the meal containers are custom sized to fit our bags. It's a match made in dietary heaven! No time? No problem! Load up your 6 Pack Bag with our prepared meals and your nutrition never has to suffer, no matter where your travels take you.

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