How to Properly Care For Your Containers

Containers-03 Have you ever heard the saying "never miss a Monday?" Monday is more than your first day back after a relaxing weekend. It is the day that you set the intention for your week by skipping the snooze button, killing it at the gym, and packing your 6 Pack Bag with meal prep that's so on point, it could star in The Nutcracker. But nothing says nutcracker like opening your dishwasher to find your freshly warped containers have gone on strike against your success agenda. Any serious meal prepper knows that a bag is only as good as the containers it carries, because without them, a bag is just a bag. We have all been in a sticky situation like this before, but YOU never have to be again. Your containers are equipped to feed you for a lifetime, but like any life partner, they need to be properly cared for. Here are some tips that may help you increase the life of your 6 Pack containers.

Cleaning Instructions

Handwashing is always a safe bet when it comes to your containers because the water never gets hot enough to warp the plastic; but for those of you who simply do not have the time, be sure to PUT THE CONTAINERS ON THE BOTTOM RACK ONLY. The top shelf gets extremely hot during the wash cycle, and heat is kryptonite to your super-tupps. If it's been a spaghetti sauce kind of week, you will no doubt be plagued by stubborn, unsightly stains, and a regular cleaning may not be enough. To get stains out, make a paste of baking soda and warm water and leave it in your container over night. You should have fresh, clean containers to look forward to in the morning. Stains are one thing but odors are quite another. This may sound unintuitive, but pouring some vinegar in your containers may be the solution you have been seeking. All it will take is a couple of minutes, and the nasty odors will all seem like just a bad dream.


Your containers are built for endurance, but consistently microwaving them will wear down their spirits and potentially kill morale. In other words, microwaving these bad boys will decrease their lifespan. The smartest thing you can do is pack a microwave safe plate in your 6 Pack Bag and transfer the food from container to plate when it's time to heat up your food. If you must microwave your containers, keep zap-time to a minimum and never, under any circumstance, should you microwave your lids. I repeat DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR LIDS. This is a sure fire way to warp your lids, and once they warp, they will no longer be functional.

That's a Wrap

If caring for your 6 Pack Fitness containers were a P.H.D. program, you would now be a doctor of containers. But alas, there is no such thing, so take comfort in the fact that you are now a formidable caretaker of plastic 6 Pack Fitness containers everywhere. Your containers will thank you, and you will significantly decrease your risk of missing any future Mondays due to a warped plastic 911 situation. If you do find yourself in a container emergency, email us at

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