Around the World With 6 Pack & Ryall, Pt. 3

  Around the World With 6 Pack & Ryall, Pt. 3 Our peek into Ryall's far-flung and fabulous travels continues with a look at the next few countries on her whirlwind tour: Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, and San Marino. Catch up on her time in Paris, Israel, and Jordan, then follow her to Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, and Luxembourg, and keep reading for highlights of what came next!


Ryall on the train tracks in Zurich.

Around the World With 6 Pack & Ryall, Pt. 3  

Eating healthy across the globe!

Around the World With 6 Pack & Ryall, Pt. 3 By finding room and board that offered small cooking facilities, or at least a fridge, Ryall was able to make the healthy eating experience more manageable. When she could, she used Airbnb (a service that allows people to rent lodging out of their own homes), which allowed for more kitchen-friendly accommodations. She learned a lot as she traveled, as she would often Google the nutritionals of local food and try to apply them to the macros she follows for her day-to-day meals. By making sure she was always one day ahead with her meals (made possible with her meal management bag), she knew she would have no reason to falter and no excuses, either.


Beautiful views in Belgium.

Around the World With 6 Pack & Ryall, Pt. 3 Trying new foods in locations she had never been to was an awesome experience for Ryall, but we had to know just where she faced the most challenges staying healthy, and her answer came easily: Belgium. Why such a quick answer? Well, when the street food is Belgian waffles and Belgian chocolates, it can be hard to stick to your nutritional guns!

Indulging in moderation.

Around the World With 6 Pack & Ryall, Pt. 3 Nevertheless, even though local cuisine wasn't always the healthiest, Ryall was able to stay on track with the portable nutrition provided by her meal management system. You can plan and pack, and no matter where you are in the world, you can find local food and make it work for you.

"If you have a good bag for meal management, and you plan ahead of time, it's really easy."

That being said, everyone deserves a cheat meal, especially when you're managing to eat healthy while traveling, so one of Ryall's favorite moments in Belgium was a trip to a famous waffle pastry shop in the heart of Brussels.


Boarding the train with the ever-dependable Renee.

Around the World With 6 Pack & Ryall, Pt. 3

Ryall and the Renee on a gondola in Venice.

Around the World With 6 Pack & Ryall, Pt. 3 One of the reasons Ryall enjoyed traveling with the Renee tote so much is its stylish appearance. She was very pleased with how it traveled and how it looked. "You can dress it down or dress it up," she explained. Whether wearing a dress in beautiful Venice or yoga pants on a train in the middle of Italy, the Renee did its job and fit right in.

"It [slides in] under the seat in the airplane and comfortably fits four full meals [with] room on top for snacks. I would use the Renee tote again for this type of trip."

Ryall's so fit she's going to straighten out the Leaning Tower!

Around the World With 6 Pack & Ryall, Pt. 3  

San Marino

Ryall was only in San Marino very briefly (under four hours) and it was during the nighttime, so she was unable to snap any awesome pictures. (Which, in her words, was "a shame, as it was amazing!") Where did Ryall's whirlwind tour come to an end before she flew back home to Barbados? You'll have to check back to find out! In the meantime, catch up on parts one and two of her trip, and if you want more Ryall, check out her website and find her on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter! If you love her 6 Pack gym tote, you can find out more about the Renee, too! Does a fit vacation strike your fancy? You can take one of your own and train in Barbados with Ryall! Find out more here.

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