6 Pack Bags Fitness Feature: Pastor Shane Higginbotham Pt. 2

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A killer body does not come easy, and when you're always on the clock, it's that much more challenging. Pastor Shane Higginbotham stepped up to the challenge, and with a 6 Pack Bag gym backpack at his side, he was able to not only get organized and healthy, but start competing as well! Part 2 of our fitness feature with Pastor Shane features his winning competition shots, insight into his diet, the unique challenges posed by being a pastor and a bodybuilder, and the awesome nickname he's gained in addition to all the muscle. Get the rest of his story in Part 1 of our feature! Can you give me a background on your diet? I am strictly on a bodybuilding diet. It's protein and carbs. I do probably 6-8 meals. If I'm leaning out, I do 6 meals, but if I'm trying to put on size I try to do 8 meals a day. The food has to be portioned out, like 5 oz. chicken, 4 oz. of sweet potatoes, etc. I've had several of your bags, and the Tupperware in all of them fits perfectly. I also noticed something: your Tupperware ain't like normal Tupperware when you clean it. It cleans out better than other kinds.

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In the morning I eat eggs or oatmeal. For meat I'll do steak or hamburger patties. For carbs, I'll do brown rice, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. I usually do protein and carbs with every meal and vegetables like asparagus and broccoli. I have to have that, if I don't have it I'm off point. If you see me, I have my 6 Pack Bag and it's full of food. The gel packs also freeze easier and last longer. I have used other gel packs that sweat, and that gets your bag wet inside. I like these gel packs because they freeze easy, they don't sweat like the other packs and they last longer. Let's dive into the pursuit of a title and when you got super serious about bodybuilding. Which competition did you currently take first in? It's called the Victory Classic in Ablemarle, NC. I did it 3 years ago and I did body building, but it was novice. I won, because I still looked good but I wanted to keep going because I wanted to go pro!

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This year I took first in the Masters Men's 35+ Physique, class B, and I got to compete in the overall and I got second place in overall. Bodybuilding is a whole different world. I competed 2 years in Florida and I competed here in my local area in Columbia, NC in May after my birthday. I was too lean at the beginning, but I said, I'm going to stay on it and see where it goes. It's now been a 3 year journey, so I was very excited when I won first place in my division! And they call me Pastor Bootylicious! My congregation loves it, they think it's hilarious. I even got board shorts that are black with a white collar on top. I had them professionally made to look a priest's collar. On the back, it says PB for Pastor Bootylicious! It's really neat and I enjoy it. fitness feature shane05 Everybody tells you when something's wrong, but they never tell you when you do something right. When you're in customer service, you get reamed. With 6 Pack Bags, I am just so pleased with the product and the durability. I couldn't do without you all to help me chase down my dream. After my first competition, I didn't have it in me for my second one. I lost it, and then these last two, and I even gave up for a year! Then I got this gym backpack, and it just went everywhere with me. I knew it was the key to success. You look at all these professionals and that's all they do! I'm thankful as a father that my kids get to see my dreams come true. They see me chasing my dreams and they know not to give up. Even they are trying to eat healthy! It's just inspiring to all of us, and I just want to thank you for putting together a great product for normal people. It's all about eating right and you guys make it easy. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? I'm originally from West Virginia. My wife of 17 years is from West Virginia too. I have 2 children: a 16-year-old daughter, Emily, and a 10-year-old son, Christian. I've been a pastor for about 12 years. I was in the Marine Corps for a while and then left and pursued pastoring. I'm a pastor of a church called Hickory Christ Fellowship, a small church of about 80 and I've been here for about 7 years. I live in Conover, NC and the church is in Hickory, NC. Even my church folk come to my shows! They think it's funny, but it's actually inspired others to lose weight as well. Are there any unique challenges that come with being a pastor and staying in peak physical condition? Everything with church is a food function so that's a challenge. The biggest challenge is that pastoring is a stressful thing because it's a 24/7 job, so I never know when I'm going to be on call. It's nice to have my bag always at my side so I can be ready to go where I'm needed. When is your next competition? My big dream is to step on a big stage, regardless of whether I win or lose. I'm even looking at the Coastal USA in Atlanta on Aug. 16! I may go to Pittsburgh, but really whether I win or not, I just want to see how much further I can push my body to reach that next level. 6 Pack Bags changed my life. You made it so easy. There's no excuse now that I have the right tools. We couldn't be more excited about helping people like Pastor Shane reach their fitness goals and make their dreams of bodybuilding competition come true. With his 6 Pack Bags gym backpack at his side, Pastor Shane really brought his all and the results are obvious. Get inspired with Pastor Shane's energizing story of transformation, and if you missed part 1, you can catch up on it here!

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