Should I Take Supplements?: The Healthy Approach

Should I Take Supplements With so many supplements on the market today, it can be hard to answer the question, "Should I take supplements?" How do you know which ones are for you and why? Everyone's body, tolerance, and deficiencies vary and should be treated uniquely. In a world inundated with information, product misrepresentation can be additionally overwhelming. False claims and scams run rampant and with so many desperate for a quick fix in the weight loss department, what is one to do? In all cases, knowledge is your best weapon of defense, so do your research. Lots of information is available to you, so be your own best advocate and educate yourself on the options. In addition, discuss with your physician or a nutritionist should you fall deficient in any specific area.

Food should always come first.

With that said, real food should come first before any sort of supplementation is considered, pending you have no serious health issues. A healthy well-balanced diet (which a meal management system can help you maintain) should be your number one goal and will contain much of what the body needs. Many of the nutrients, vitamins, and power phytochemicals found in fruits and veggies help the body fight certain types of cancer and provide anti-aging properties, among numerous other health advantages. Beyond that, worrying about filling in nutritional gaps should come next and be sought after intentional research and understanding. Should I Take Supplements

What about weight loss supplements?

Specifically in the area of weight loss supplements, there is definitely no shortage of options. What these can do for you is aid in the process of appetite control, kick up thermogenesis (fat burning ability), and provide more focus for your workouts. Conversely, they cannot do the work for you if you do not have a plan of attack when it comes to proper nutrition and exercise. Regardless of whether or not you take these types of supplements, just know you will have to put in the work or the results will indeed not follow. Protein powders and bars can be a healthier, more convenient alternative in a pinch, but should never replace real food in the long run. According to data provided by the National Weight Control Registry, Americans spend upwards of 20 billion annually on weight loss products, ranging from diet aids to books and surgeries. This is an alarming number considering a healthy diet and regular exercise program will always be your best bet, and filling in any missing links with supplements should follow suit. When in doubt, discuss with your doctor and create a strategy that works best for you, your body, and your unique needs.

Who should take supplements?

Some instances where you may want to consider supplementing your diet: - Pregnant or nursing - Vegan, vegetarians, or those that eliminate certain food groups - Women with excessive bleeding during menstruation - Specific health condition that prohibits proper absorption of key vitamins and nutrients - Allergies to certain foods - Seniors - Have been tested and are deficient in a specific area As with all things, if you're wondering, "Should I take supplements?, you should do your research, speak to your health care provider, and always seek to get the majority of what your body needs from a balanced daily diet. Supplementing your dietary needs to fill in nutritional gaps and areas of concern can be extremely beneficial if you use it as a back up and not your primary source. Should I Take Supplements How To Meal Prep PaleoThis post has been brought to us by Tiffany Gaston, internationally published fitness model, writer, and paleo cook. We believe in putting your health first, so we knew Tiffany was the right fit for lending some insight to the question, "Should I take supplements?" As Tiffany points out, nothing beats a well-balanced diet, so stay on dietary track with your meal management system, and consider her points above if you're wondering about whether or not you need supplementation in your life.

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