Surviving Office Temptations: 10 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Health Goals


Written by 6 Pack Fitness Ambassador Amber Jacobs There's a bake sale going on down the hall and I can smell every cookie and cupcake! My taste buds are dancing at the thought of all those forbidden treats. If this sounds like your office, then here are 10 tips to help you stay on track!

1. Prep for success.

One of the biggest reasons people stray from their nutrition goals is that they don't plan ahead by bringing healthy snacks or meals. The best way to stay on track for your crazy on-the-go lifestyle is to spend some time a couple days a week pre-making all your meals to bring to work with your 6 Pack Bag. I cook 3-4 days worth of protein, veggies and carbs at a time and portion them out into small pre-weighted Sure Seal Containers.

2. Build structure into your daily life.

If you're having a hard time remembering to eat, set reminders to eat your snacks and meals. You need to make YOU a priority. It's important to eat often to keep your metabolism up. You should also step away from your desk to eat; it's good to take breaks since you actually come back more productive. When you focus on just your food, your body acknowledges it, and is typically more satisfied.

3. Accountability.

4. Take a break.Tell your boss and co-workers about your goal. Being healthy is contagious, and maybe someone will join you on your quest! Go for walks! Don't just sit all day. Moving around every once in a while will keep your body on its toes and it's an easy cure to help curb your cravings.

5. Learn to say no thank you.

Be proud and happy of your choice to eat healthy and not eat that donut that someone was nice enough to bring in. Don't be a victim of your goal. This is your choice to make a positive change. No complaining€¦ you got this.

6. Back-up plan.

Keep a stash of protein powder, power bars and some raw nuts at your desk in case of an emergency. If you didn't have time to pack your food, this stash could come in really handy!

7. H2O!

Remember to have a water bottle on you at all times! It is extremely important when you're working on losing weight. Sometimes when you feel hungry you're actually thirsty; many Americans are chronically dehydrated!

8. Having a craving?

Keep your mouth occupied! Try chewing Extra Dessert Delights gum, drinking tea or water, or even crushed ice! Focus on a project, remember your goals and reasons for your lifestyle change. Call someone€¦do something€¦anything to get out of your head. Do you really need that piece of candy? The answer is typically no. Stay strong!

9. Step away from the candy bowl!

Chances are you have a vending machine, café, kitchen and/or candy bowls around the office that contain tempting treats! Do yourself a favor and just avoid them all together. Out of sight, out of mind!

10. Stay organized.

Having your desk or workspace organized helps keep your stress level down; you can find things easily and tend to be more efficient and productive. When you are less stressed your body typically doesn't have as many cravings. Tell us how YOU avoid office temptations in the comments below! amberjacobs Amber Jacobs is an independent graphic designer and NPC competitor with her sights set on becoming an IFBB Figure Pro. She is energetic, active, tenacious and always on the go. You will rarely see her without a smile and laughing. She believes that no goal is out of reach; that anything is possible with dedication and drive. Your health is all you have. Being active and eating healthy go hand-in-hand to achieve this.

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