The Top Road Workout Moves


It can be difficult to find time for fitness if you're on the go. Whether you lead a lifestyle that has you traveling or you want to keep your momentum going during a vacation, it's important to know some ofthe best road workout moves that will keep you in shape. So pack up your meal management system, break out the map and get ready to kill it on the road.


The walkout is a simple routine that is perfect for stretching and getting the body limbered up. Start by standing, and bend down, touching the floor with your hands. Slowly walk your hands out in front of you. Then, walk your hands back toward you. Repeat eight to ten times to get the blood going before your next road workout move.


Lunges are simple road workout moves that you can do anywhere. Short of you being stuck in a car or mailing yourself somewhere in a giant box, there is no excuse for not doing some in a hotel room, a rest area or park. Try to get at least three sets of ten per day while traveling and feel the burn.


Another simple road workout move that will target multiple muscle groups is the burpee. From an upright position, squat down, placing your hands beside you on the floor. Kick back into a pushup. Quickly jump your feet in and return to your starting position. Repeat at least two sets of eight to ten burpees.

L Sit

If you're ambitious and looking to challenge yourself while on the road, try a modified L sit. Using your hands to hold your weight, lift your body off of the floor and hold. Try starting out by repeating five times, but build your numbers up over time so your strength increases. No equipment necessary... Just your body weight is needed for this road workout exercise. If there are any two things you need to remember when you're traveling, they're your meal management system and this list of road workout moves. Stick with them and you'll be on your way to the best shape of your life, and getting back into the gym post trip will be that much easier. Remember there is no such thing as a vacation from fitness... It's important to keep pushing and pushing so that your body reaches your physical peak.  

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