Transformation Series: Scott Hayhurst

People On Stage - Fitness Transformation This week's motivation comes from 27 year-old, Scott Hayhurst from Bedfordshire in the UK. Scott's fitness transformation began after he suffered an injury during one of his favorite pastimes: street dancing. The major hip problems that followed forced him to change everything. Scott's hip pain began in 2011. He often had to use crutches, and found himself in the hospital quite a few times. He sought help from an osteopathic doctor who worked with him for over a year to help him learn how to walk properly again. During that time, his doctor suggested that Scott lose weight and strengthen his body with weight training. Although Scott knew this was important advice, he struggled to both train and dance. Finally this year, he decided it was time to take care of his body.

The time to take control was now or never.

Starting out on his own, Scott felt lost. He looked to a friend for help but still was unable to understand what he needed to do to change his lifestyle and body. In March 2015, things took a sharp turn forward when Scott found his coach, WNBF Pro, Gavin Gibson. Scott began his training regiment with 5 AM cardio workouts, 1-2 hours of weight training after work, and finishing up with interval training. He dedicated himself to training 6 days a week with a break on Saturdays to enjoy his personal life. Side By Side - Fitness Transformation Sticking to this regiment wasn't easy by any means. Scott says he was his own biggest roadblock he had to overcome because he had to learn how to change himself. He used to hit the pub after work and go out on the weekends enjoying the social scene and eating fast food. He couldn't just indulge himself anymore.

"Mentally having to change the way you are is one of the hardest things, but once you do it, results follow."

Scott sought out transformation inspiration from fitness competitors Dana Linn Bailey and Steve Cook. By following them on social media and watching their fitness videos, he was inspired by their dedication and work ethic. Their devotion ignited Scott's desire to compete on a stage himself one day. His family and their love of sports and fitness also inspired Scott. By not taking care of himself, Scott felt like he was letting them down. His family rallied together to help him improve his life and reach his goals. Scott's 6 Pack Bags are one of the main contributors to his success. Scott uses the Innovator 300 for work and the Expedition 500 for days out on the weekends and at shows. Scott With Bag - Fitness Transformation

"I honestly would have struggled without my 6 Pack Bags. They are so useful and I wouldn't be caught without one now. Being able to have all my meals, supplements, and water all in one place means never missing out on anything."

Since his fitness transformation, Scott says he feels 100% better. Before, he used to wake up feeling bad and wanting to just go back to sleep. Now he gets up early in the morning feeling great and full of energy. His mind is set on what he wants to achieve and where he wants to go in life. Scott says his transformation helped him become more focused and determined then he had ever been before. His advice to anyone who wants to embark on their own transformation is to not be afraid to seek out help. Sometimes it takes someone else to help you push yourself and you shouldn't be afraid to find that person. Scott's trainer pushed him in a way Scott couldn't push himself. Over time, Scott was able to develop his own self-motivation when he began to see the results. To anyone who wants to begin their own fitness transformation, or just wants to get into fitness in general, Scott's basic advice is simple: never give up. Scott's story is very relatable to those searching for the motivation to improve themselves and their lives. It wasn't easy, but he pushed himself and achieved his goal of stepping onto the stage, during which he placed 5th! People On Stage - Fitness Transformation

"The results are sometimes hard to see as they might be small from one week to the next, but if you stick to it and push through, you will make it and you will have a better life."

Scott's meal management system was crucial for his transformation. Motivating yourself to switch from fast food to healthy meal prep is difficult, but Scott was able to do it with his 6 Pack Bags! They have been a critical help in his ability to stick to his diet, and continue to help him maintain his success every day. People On Stage - Fitness Transformation Scott is looking to participate in even more physique competitions as we continued to fine-tune his body, striving ever forward toward his fitness goals. We wish Scott good luck in all his future ventures and appreciate the role we were able to play in his fitness transformative. Get inspired by even more Fitness Transformations Series and find the perfect 6 Pack Bag for you, whether you need a gym tote, sports duffle bag, or gym backpack and meal management bag like Scott's Expedition 500 and Innovator 300

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