Transformations Series: Chris Dolan

Fitness Transformation Chris-02 Fitness Transformation Chris-05People decide to begin fitness transformations for a variety of reasons. For 22-year-old Chris Dolan, football was his passion until an injury took him out of the game. He went to his first bodybuilding show after that, and the rest seemed to come naturally. Find out how his meal management system and training routine helped him turn his life around. He remembers seeing the Men's Bodybuilding Overall Posedown and thinking:
"That will be me one day. I will become a natural pro bodybuilder."
His original weight was 250 pounds when he began taking his fitness transformation seriously, although post-football injury his largest weight topped out at 295. With his chance at playing college football over, Chris had to deal with the natural depression that follows the end of a dream. When he was younger, he always loved bodybuilding. Once he finally had the opportunity to pull all his focus on bodybuilding, he decided his passion was in determining how he could transform his body naturally. As his favorite bodybuilder, Jay Cutler provided a great deal of inspiration to Chris. His training regiment is especially strict, with dedicated sessions six days a week. He is currently on a push/pull/legs split with HIIT cardio every other week. His diet is also very specific, and aided by John Gorman, owner of Team Gorman, who structures and caters Chris' meals to his exact needs. His macros are currently 270 g protein, 350 g carbs, and 52 g fat. 6 Pack Fitness came into the picture after Chris had noticed our gym backpacks and sports duffle bags online and in magazines. A friend of his owned one as well, and after seeing it for himself, Chris had to have one. Chris' day starts at 5:30am, and 6 Pack bags keep his food cold until 6pm when he gets home. Since he was able to transport his meals in his meal management system and sports duffle bag, he was able to obtain the optimum nutrition to aid in his fitness transformation.

"These bags made my transformation possible. Without them it would have been much harder."

In his quest to become a natural pro bodybuilder, Chris draws inspiration from many of the most powerful figures in the fitness world. Some words he likes to live by are:

"You must have a sincere and burning desire to achieve what you dream, dedicate yourself to making progress, and take control of your circumstances to change your body."

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Fitness Transformation Chris-04 Chris' overall goal is to win his IFPA Pro Card. He also wants to continue to help educate and inspire his family, friends, and clients to be the best they can be. His experience going from a team sport to a more individual discipline shaped his own ability to dedicate himself to himself, and 6 Pack is proud that our meal management systems have been able to support his fitness transformation. We wish Chris the best of luck in his bodybuilding dreams! Fitness Transformation Chris-03 For even more exciting and inspiring fitness transformation stories like Chris', check out our Transformations Series and explore the many ways our meal management systems, gym backpacks, sports duffle bags, and gym totes can help.

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