Transformations Series: Deidra Miller

Fitness Transformation Deidra-02 Fitness Transformation Progress Pic2A fitness transformation is an intensely unique experience for everyone that takes it on. For Deidra Miller, it wasn't an immediate path. She was always athletic throughout high school and college, but after having a beautiful baby boy, she ended up taking 6 years off of working out. She also spent this 6 years sitting a desk, working an IT job and building her career. You can imagine, however, the toll this can take on someone's back. As she worked to build strength in her back in physical therapy, she decided it was time to get back into working out. She cleaned up her diet and began working out 6-7 days a week. She has been getting up early (between 3:00 and 4:00 AM) every weekday for the last 2.5 years and working out before heading to work. She primarily focuses on building muscle, but loves staying lean enough to keep her six pack year round. Deidra's biggest challenge was making the time for working out. With her razor sharp focus on being a mother and excelling at her job, she was worried she would miss both personal and professional moments. But when she realized she could fit her workout early in the day while everyone else was still sleeping, she knew she had found her perfect balance. Now her morning workout is such a routine part of daily life that she feels off without it. Her husband serves as enormously valuable inspiration and motivation. He undertook his own fitness transformation and lost over 80 pounds in the process. The wealth of knowledge he obtained helped educate Deidra as well, and by introducing her to bodybuilding culture, he also introduced her to 6 Pack Athlete Dana Linn Bailey, another huge source of inspiration. "Dana and her husband Rob are amazing," Deidra said. "I love that they are real, and work hard for everything they have. Everything she has, she's earned. I love to see a real, hardworking couple because it reminds me of my husband and I. We attended their Warhouse camp with [6 Pack Athlete] Steve Cook last summer, and it was absolutely amazing." In fact, the Warhouse gym inspired her and her husband to start building their own gym. They're currently trying to sell their home and find a pole barn to convert into one. She hopes that one day they can build a gym large enough to help provide a free way to encourage, motivate, and inspire everyone around them to life a healthy lifestyle. "It really is life changing and I hope everyone can have that experience," Deidra said. Her fitness routine now includes lifting 6 days a week, with a change-up every 3 or 4 months working in new exercises or cardio. She also enjoys experimenting with different routines to see the effects they have on her body. Deidra came to know 6 Pack when she joined Instagram as @FitMomD to share progress pictures and connect with other equally minded fit people. She loves being surrounded by those with the same interests and healthy lifestyles. Several people have called her an inspiration, which she considered the ultimate compliment. Many of the people she followed showed off their 6 Pack bags, and Deidra had to have her own.

"When we attended the Arnold Classic in Columbus 2 years ago for the first time, I purchased my first 6 Pack bag! Now I keep it under my desk all day at work for quick access to healthy food."

Fitness Transformation Zoo2Not only has 6 Pack helped Deidra in her fitness transformation, but it has also allowed her to easily travel with healthy food for her family. On weekends, they love to load up their 6 Pack bag with healthy lunches or snacks and make a day at the gym, car shows, the zoo, the beach, or anywhere else that catches their fancy.

"Every weekend is usually a new adventure! We like to take our 6 Pack on all of our fun road trips."

Deidra has gained an immense amount of confidence from being able to take this kind of control of herself and her body. Her fitness transformation inspired a change in perception, on a number of levels. We're proud our meal management systems were able to help Deidra transform her and her family's nutrition. Her story shows you never know where the impulse to change will come from, but with dedication and effort, you can become your own greatest self.

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