Transformations Series: Enna Jones

Fitness-Transformation-Enna-Header2 One trait virtually all Fitness Transformation stories share is that the transformed person harbors a newfound love of fitness. But what makes the newfound love of Enna Jones unique – 40-year-old mother of three, cancer survivor, certified personal trainer, just to name a few – is just how much she hated even the thought of working up a sweat, let alone exercising, before she found her calling. Enna-Fitness-Transformation-Journey-2Although Enna now has many accolades to her name, including being a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Obstacle Course Racer, her life was not always nearly as easy or admirable as it presently sounds. Prior to obtaining her many certifications, Enna weighed in at her heaviest somewhere in the 200s, which is more of a problem than it seems when you're only 5'3", as she is. As many women do, Enna found herself constantly struggling with eating disorders and her weight, as well as trying to overcome additional medical issues, including hypothyroidism and uterine fibroids. Eventually, something had to give. Enna put it simply but effectively: "One day, I was literally just tired of always being tired." She wanted to be active – playing with her children, traveling the world with her husband. She did not want to sleep and eat her life away. In that moment, her fitness transformation truly began. She had made the decision to change once and for all. But next came the reality of actually facing up to the struggle. She knew that changing her mindset and habits would be difficult. Enna knew herself well enough to know that she needed a fitness and meal schedule, one that she couldn't make up herself; she knew that she would try to find loopholes or make excuses.

"My first step was to find a body that I wanted to look like."

An important component of Enna's fitness transformation was to set a realistic and reasonable goal for her body. "I had no interest in admiring a 20-something model or actress with no children, someone who was naturally thin and never knew the struggle of wanting a donut in the middle of the night without fearing it would go straight to her hips," Enna elaborated. Enna-Fit-Now-02Through the power of Google and social media, Enna found a 35-year-old woman, someone who had actually experienced how childbirth changes the body. Through her, Enna discovered Jamie Eason's LiveFit program, which provided her with a free workout and portion-controlled meal plan that was easy to follow – no guesswork! So Enna decided to commit to the plan.

"I already knew what it felt like to give up. I wanted to see what it would be like if I actually followed through with it."

According to the plan, Enna worked out 4-5 days a week, a manageable mix of cardio and strength training. She also carefully portioned out her meals, with a few variations due to some dietary restrictions. All told, she has now lost a total of 80 pounds!

"Tools like 6 Pack bags were a lifesaver. I had zero excuses for not being prepared with my food. The right kind was readily available regardless of where I was."

In fact, Enna says it was the catalyst that led to her exploration of even more fitness tools and accessories, workouts, meal plans, and even healthier versions of what used to be her comfort foods. When it comes to Enna's future goals, 2016 has brought a clear one to the forefront: participation in a Spartan Race Double Trifecta! In other words, Enna will run six races this year, and she's already begun with her first sprint race earlier this month. She's also signed up for her first marathon, the End Lupus Now 5K in May.

"If you would've asked me if any of this was possible a few years ago I would've laughed at you. But making my health a priority saved my life!"

Enna-Spartan-Race-2 On an everyday level, Enna wants to inspire and motivate others to undertake their own fitness transformations to lead healthy and fulfilled lifestyles. As she put it, "If an extreme foodie who hated to exercise can transform her life – so can anyone else." For even more Enna, follow her journey on Instagram: @fatfatgonefit. Whether your fitness passion is obstacle course races, bikini fitness, CrossFit, or anything in between, 6 Pack has the right meal management bag for you. From gym totes and sports backpacks to gym duffle bags and briefcases, you can find the perfect portable companion to beef up your meal prep today.

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