Transformations Series: Geoff MacGillivray

Geoff-Transformation-05 Some transformations actually save lives. In the case of 28-year-old Geoff MacGillivray, it was quite simple. He became addicted to drugs at a young age, eventually spiraling out of control. One day, he woke up and realized how much he didn't like what he saw in the mirror – and quit everything, cold turkey. As impressive as that is alone, Geoff counts two distinct moments he knew he needed to change his life. The first, of course, is when he looked in that mirror after an especially long bender and finally saw what he had become. He quit doing drugs and went back to school; he eventually graduated with honors. Geoff-Transformation-03The second moment marks more specifically when his fitness transformation began. Now a married father, he had always dreamed of joining the military – so he decided to start going to the gym to get in shape. When it came time to join, his wife had second thoughts. As a newly married couple with a baby, it turned out that the military wasn't the right fit and he opted out of joining – but not out of training. He continued to train daily, in fact, and fell in love with how it made him feel. "I was able to play with my daughter and not get out of breath. I could walk up the stairs and not gasp for air after, "Geoff elaborated.

"My quality of life improved in more ways than I could've imagined."

Like most people, Geoff faced numerous roadblocks during his fitness transformation. Unlike most people, however, one of those roadblocks is the PTSD he suffers from after having been jumped at the age of 13 – in the forest right across the street from his own home. He and his brother were viciously beat with bottles, feet, hands, and anything else in reach of the attackers. They were left broken and bruised – so much so that Geoff actually required facial reconstructive surgery to repair his cheek bone. It was at this point that he turned to drugs. He couldn't handle the flashbacks or even walking alone; it didn't help that he was still living right across the street from where it happened. The gym, however, has tremendously helped with his anxiety and PTSD. "It calms my nerves, clears my head, and gets me through the day," he explained. It's also at the gym where he finds some of his biggest inspirations: the huge variety of people there.

"Seeing everyone, ranging in age, gender, size, and level of fitness, all working toward the common goal of health. That's what inspires me, not celebrities or famous bodybuilders."

Another important source of inspiration is his mother. She beat breast cancer with aggressive treatments, but was later diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. Still, that didn't stop her from playing with her grandkids, gardening, or even simply smiling ear to ear. "Even though her bones were breaking, she woke up every day with a smile and positive outlook," Geoff said. "If that doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will. She lost her battle with cancer but her presence is still felt, as she left lasting impressions on everyone she met." Geoff-Transformation-02 Geoff never thought he would make it this far, but here he is now – at the other end of what he calls a LIFE transformation. The best part, in his mind, is that he found his passion. "I love improving myself in every aspect of life but also helping others get to where they want and need to be in order for them to feel better and be happy," Geoff explained. It makes perfect sense then that he is now a certified personal trainer, as well as a residential counselor for special needs teenagers. He trains 6 days a week, focusing on a specific muscle group each day, incorporating low reps with heavier weight and high reps with lighter weight in his routine. The gym is also where he heard about 6 Pack Bags for the first time.

"6 Pack Bags are the top of the line when it comes to meal bags."

His bag was a big help in making sure he was getting his meals in. "Before, I wouldn't have room for all my food in my bag and would either miss meals or run out and grab something that wasn't the greatest option," he said. With his 6 Pack Bag, he can meal prep, take, and go – no matter where he has to be! Before Geoff's fitness transformation, he lacked confidence. He had little to no self-worth. Now he holds his head high, with a body that is in the best shape of his life and continuing to improve daily. In addition to his work as a trainer and residential counselor, Geoff has also found the time to compete in physique bodybuilding competitions, although one of his next goals is to take a year or two off so he can focus on making the shift from physique to classic bodybuilding. Geoff-Transformation-04 Geoff has solid and succinct words of advice for anyone else who may be struggling toward their own fitness transformation: "Trust the process."

"Your journey will have its ups and downs, but stay the course and you will be amazed at what you can do."

Geoff's fitness transformation is an amazing one indeed – from abusing drugs to avoiding dealing with his PTSD, he has come an incredibly long way, and is proud to be clean and sober to this day. He's excited to help people change their lives – and there's no doubt in our minds that he WILL help people transform themselves as he transformed himself. If you somehow need even more motivation after all that, check out our entire Transformations Series for a closer look into the lives of some very inspiring individuals. Curious about how 6 Pack Bags can help you with your diet? Browse our entire line of original meal management bags, gym backpacks, sports duffle bags, and gym totes to find your perfect match!

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