The Elite Voyager Backpack: FOR SERIOUS GAINS ONLY

Voyager When it comes to luxury meal management bags, 6 Pack Fitness is the leader in the industry! Unlike all other meal management companies, 6 Pack Fitness caters to YOUR lifestyle. The Elite Voyager Backpack is no exception. Lights, cameras, FLEX! ? The Voyager is the ONLY gym backpack serious enough to handle the real life of a busy BADASS athlete or entrepreneur. ?? This bag offers comprehensive meal management capabilities while storing gear for the gym and technology for the office. If that doesn't sound like you, then get outta here. ?
The Voyager Backpack features fleece lining in the laptop/tablet compartment, which holds laptops up to 17 inches. No more worrying about scratches on your state-of-the-art electronics! The main compartment can be used to store day-to-day necessities, such as clean gym clothes, work clothes, toiletries, a towel, books, etc. That Armani suit isn't going to carry itself, my man! The Voyager also offers a separate slot for shoes, with a mesh lining at the bottom to easily air out your gym shoes. The expandable bottom chamber is also designed for damp workout clothing or your martial arts gi, if that's your thing! Your bag will no longer smell like a sweaty gym sock. ?
This gym backpack contains three different pockets to store your water, protein shake, and smaller gym gear, such as jump ropes or lifting gloves. And check this out – the water pocket has neoprene lining to help with condensation. Take that, mold! Although most "gym" bags have separate pockets for valuables, 6 Pack Fitness takes it up a notch. The Voyager features two small pockets in the front with fleece-lined slots to fit your phone and GoPro, as well as a separate slot for your passport and keys. You're too busy to misplace any of that sh*t. Last, but certainly NOT least, this gym backpack comes preloaded with five meal containers and a supplement container. Here's a little secret: if you need an extra meal, switch out the supplement container for a regular one. BAM – you have six meals! That's an entire day's worth of meals in one backpack. Score! Who needs a swolemate when you have the Voyager?! ? So listen up.... if you're a BADASS and you don't have a BADASS bag to help you stay on track, you ARE doing something wrong. DON'T GET LEFT BEHIND! This post has been brought to us by 6 Pack's Customer Service Team! Check back for more video posts, and in the meantime, explore even more meal management bags – from all our gym backpacks to gym totes, sports duffle bags, and briefcases – to find the perfect fit for your busy, badass life.

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