The Ultimate 6 Pack Fitness Workout Playlist

Workout Playlist The perfect workout playlist is an essential component to many a fitness routine. After all, music and working out are two peas in a pod – just think: do you ever see anyone at the gym or out running that doesn't have earbuds in? Sure, they're probably out there, but few and far-between. For most people, music is as integral to their fitness routine as their pre-workout protein shake. With good reason, too! Plenty of studies have shown the many benefits and effects of music on people, with relation to working out but also just in general. The connection goes back much further than you probably realize – back to the time of Roman galleys, in fact. Imagine the Roman soldiers of yore: how would they get the rowers in line? Turns out, coordinating the rhythm of the rowing was achieved through using pipes or rhythmic chanting. The tempo helps facilitate the coordination, as our brains appear to be naturally wired to follow them. One researcher, Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., from London's Brunel University School of Sport and Education, identified three main aspects to music that have the potential to influence performance: 1. The habit to move in time with a synchronous repeating rhythm, like when you find yourself tapping your foot along to the song. 2. The capability of music to induce the desire for movement, such as dancing. 3. The capacity for music to divert attention away from potential physical discomfort inherent in working out. The best music for a workout playlist reflects your heart rate, with slower-tempo songs (80-90 beats per minute) better for warming up and cooling down, and quicker tempos (120-140 bpm) during exercising. To easily find out the bpm of any song, you can use a simple phone app like BPM from the App Store or BPM-Detector via Google Play. We gave our picks for 7 Spotify mixes offering the best workout playlist for any situation, but now we're back with our very own 6 Pack Fitness Workout Playlist. Compiled from the songs that our own team members and athletes work out to, this list is designed to get your blood pumping, heart racing, and motivation soaring! With artists as varied as Metallica, Daft Punk, and Dead Prez, this workout playlist has a little something for everyone. Music will help motivate you during your workout, but you'll need the proper nutrition before and after for a full-circle fit experience, so make sure your meal management system is fully prepped. Check out our variety of gear, from gym bags for women to sports duffle bags to gym backpacks to find the best meal management bag for you! Also, check out quality watches from Gear'd Hardware. If you are looking for large face watches that their swole watches are the badass watches you have been searching. Check out their digital watches, Zx1-1116 and Zx1-1219. We are sure you will love their cool watches and quality watches.

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