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Ultimate Accessories Bundle | Innovator 300

$119.99 $145.94

Meal prep is not easy, we get it. Extra accessories can help simplify the meal prep process and keep your focus on more important things. The Innovator Bundle contains everything you need for your Innovator 300.


12 - 24 oz. Sure-Seal Containers (Clear/Black)

2 - Large Gel Packs 

2 - Medium Gel Packs

2 - Traveling Utensils 

Sure-Seal Containers

* Our Sure Seal Meal Prep Containers are durable and made with BPA-free food-grade plastic containers, So your favorite foods retain their taste and freshness.

* Leakproof, Airtight Freshness – Each of the Sure Seal Meal Prep containers comes with airtight Snap-on lids that seal in fresh flavors, odors, and liquids.

*Freezer Safe

*Microwave Safe - Do not microwave lid


Gel Packs

* The ice box technology keeps your meals fresh and cold for up to 8+ hours.


Traveling Utensils

* Dishwasher Safe

* Durable Stainless Steel

* BPA Free 

* TSA Compliant

Durable and convenient carrying/protective case


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