19 Ways You Lead the Pack

Lead The Pack Great leaders don't tell you what to do - they show you how it's done. Self-empowerment is a virtue, and locating and utilizing the power within is not an easy task. But those of us who lead the pack know that success doesn't happen overnight, and it's all about commitment: to your fitness routine, meal management system, and all your health goals. We love the 6 Pack community, so this one goes out to you and all the badass fitness leaders out there that make up this awesome group of people. Put yourself to the test: how do you lead the pack? Let us know in the comments!

1. Being fit isn't just one of your goals. It's your entire lifestyle.

2. When nothing goes right€¦ you go LIFT.

3. You'd rather be sore than be sorry.

4. You don't predict your future - you create it.

5. While on the way to the gym, it hits you, and you let your friends take the wheel.

Lead The Pack

6. If your friend calls and you don't pick up, they're not worried. They know you're just throwing some weights around.

7. The gym is where you go when you don't know where else to go.

8. You're either the first person in the gym or the last.

9. If the thought or sight of protein gets you this excited.

10. Every morning you naturally wake up on Beast Mode.


11. Simply put, you are a BOSS: Built. On. Self. Success. No one stands in your way.

12. You'll jump on the cardio machines for a hot minute, but then it's straight to the weight corner.

13. You are your biggest fan and own competition.

14. You have no problem pushing it to the limit and destroying a workout session. We can say R.I.P. to that one.

Lead The Pack

15. Exercising and staying healthy have influenced your life so much that other people want to do it with you.

16. With no pain, there's no gain. That's why you've picked up deadlifts.

17. What your mind believes, your body achieves.

18. You don't need to publicize your gym visits. Your body will do that for you.

19. Sweat is the your body's equivalent to tears of joy. Keep 'em coming.

We know you have the confidence and drive to reach all your fitness goals. With your gym tote, gym backpack, or meal management system at your side, there is truly no stopping you! Let us know how you lead the pack when you're #Proud2Prep and you might just get featured!

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