Are You Using the Best Proteins to Get the Most Gains Possible?

Best Proteins03 Resident social media badass Jade has the pulse on all things 6 Pack, and that means she knows a thing or two about the best nutrition for your fitness goals. Today she brings her unique voice to the 6 Pack blog to give our readers the scoop on the best proteins to get you the most gains possible. It's a new year, and no one knows better than you how hard it can be to maintain that machine-like rigor day in and day out. Lord knows, you somehow manage to get to the gym before dawn and annihilate that eight-hour workday like it's club night on the Jersey Shore. Still, even Beyoncé must sometimes ask herself the age-old question: Am I eating the best proteins at the optimal times? There's a lot of research out there on the best times of day to consume the best proteins to optimize their benefits. We've done the heavy lifting (don't worry, there is still plenty left for you), so listen up and start maximizing your gains. We are here to retrieve those secrets and deliver them right to your computer screen.


Alarm sounds, rooster crows, PTSD from the zombie apocalypse sets in (oh wait€¦ that was just a dream) - you know the drill- it's time to get up and start that sweet, sweet grind. But wait! Now is actually a KILLER time to get that first serving of protein! It will replenish your energy store, which you'll need if you are at all interested in repairing your muscle and tissue from yesterday's strength training session. (We thought you would be.) You should also know that easy-to-digest protein is key at this time of day. Go with whey (yogurt, milk, etc.) or egg protein for a breakfast-of-champions-jump-start to your day.


Workout, check. Gym selfie, check. Steal a gym towel, check. That's your cue! You only have thirty minutes to optimally absorb all the best proteins from your post-workout snacks. Your body is dying for a little something and casein protein is just the ticket here. This slow-to-digest protein will keep your muscles in repair-mode throughout the day and keep you satiated until your next meal. Best Proteins01

Snack Time:

Grumble, grumble€¦ it's not quite lunchtime but your stomach is embarrassing you in front of that cute coworker you have totally been flirting with. Opt for small, protein-filled snacks in between meals to get you over that hump and to the next refuel session (I think civilians call this meal-time).


You did it. You conquered another day and have yet to disprove the profound reality that is your awesome-ness. But before you get to counting sheep, snack on a little slow-to-digest protein to bring with you into dreamland. Your body will use it to restore itself in the night, and plus, you'll need the best proteins if you plan on dominating those zombies€¦ Sources: Livestrong - Drinking Whey Protein to Wake Up Protein Works – When Is The Best Time To Take Whey Protein? Men's Health – The Truth About Protein - Protein Ingestion Study

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