To Earbud Or Not To Earbud€¦ The Question of the Best Workout Earbuds


Leah Berti is an IFBB Figure Professional in Canada, as well as serving as a city police officer and personal trainer. She has a true passion for health and fitness and loves to challenge herself. As a 6 Pack Ambassador, Leah brings with her over 10 years of experience in the industry, and she'll be sharing her expertise with us in a series of guest blogs. Today Leah offers her thoughts on the best workout earbuds on the market. I know you've been there. Your alarm goes off early, your 6 Pack gym tote pre-packed from the night before with foods prepped and ready to go, sneakers laced, and you're racing out the door to the gym for an early morning sweat session. If you're like me, music is a must! Music can make or break my training session as it pumps me up, renews my focus towards the training ahead, and blocks out the everyday stresses of life during my Power Hour. What drives me crazy is when throughout the whole session I am constantly having to re-adjust my earbuds because they keep falling out. Or worse yet, the unthinkable happens and they actually burn out from either the sweat accumulation or too much movement! I'm then forced to painfully get through my workout listening to the other people around me and their trivial conversations about reality TV shows, or the mind-numbing background tunes, akin to jazzed-up elevator Muzak, that the gym is playing. That's happened to me far too often. I cannot count the number of different earbuds and headphones I've gone through, not to mention the money I've spent, trying to find the perfect pair that will stay in place, provide good sound quality, be sweat resistant, and still look stylish! Not all earbuds are created equally. I want to save you all the frustration and expense by providing my top 5 picks for best workout earbuds. These will save you from getting out the duct tape, waxing and manicuring your ear hair, and still not breaking the bank! Leah Berti, 6 Pack Ambassador and IFBB PRO's Top 5 Earbuds:

1) Jay Bird – Bluebuds X

best workout ear buds01The Bluebuds X are my top pick for best workout earbuds and the ones I'm currently using. Pros:
  • Wireless, with 8 hours of play time for music; also great hands-free device for voice calls.
  • Lifetime sweat resistance guarantee.
  • Range of about 60 feet/20m, which is perfect for going around the gym.
  • Small, lightweight, and stylish with different styles of wearing depending on what you're doing.
  • - A bit pricey, ranging from $150 – 170.
  • - You have to charging it weekly. Luckily, it voice prompts you when the battery life is getting low.

2) Yurbuds Inspire

The biggest selling feature of Yurbuds is that they are some of the best workout earbuds designed by and for athletes, which means a wide assortment of activities are covered. Pros: best workout ear buds02
  • Depending on what your main activity level is, the prices range from $30 – 130, from the Inspire Vivid which starts at $29.99 to the Inspire Duro for $49.99
  • Sweat resistant ... A must for the gym guru!
  • Option to contact the company to have alternate sizes of ear pieces.
  • Many color choices to suit a variety of personalities.
  • Sound quality is not as great as some other brands.
  • If the buds don't fit your ear properly it can be tedious finding the right size.
  • Requires earbuds connected with a cord to your music device, which may be cumbersome.

3) Sony In-Ear Earbuds MDR-EX10LP/DBL

If you are looking for an efficient yet still decent earbud, or you have forgotten to bring your pair and are desperate while traveling, the Sony MDREX10LP are a good go-to pair when in need. I personally keep a pair as a back-up in my car in case I forget mine at home or take them with me while travelling. Pros:best workout ear buds03
  • At only 14.99, these are some of the most affordable of the best workout earbuds.
  • Good as a backup pair, whether in your gym tote or while you are traveling.
  • Earbud design fits snug in ear.
  • Lightweight!
  • Sound quality is good for the cost.
  • Cord tends to tangle easily and can become frustrating.
  • I have gone through a few pairs due to one earbud shorting out or losing the earbud caps.
  • Not sweat-resistant and can cause earbuds to stop working after too many intense training sessions.

4) Skullcandy Chops Buds

Check out the Chops Buds. Pros:
  • Affordable yet still offers a good design and quality, with a starting price of $19.99.
  • Adjustable behind-the-ear hanger helps these on-earbuds stay in place.
  • If properly fit, they're very secure, more so than an average earbud.
  • Sound quality is decent and comparable to other brands.

best workout ear buds04

  • They take some time to put on at first, and adjusting during your workout may take some getting used to.
  • Hanger can be a bit annoying and potentially move around if you are doing plyometric or decline exercises.
  • Not sweat-resistant so still has the ability to burn out or slide around.

5) Panasonic RP-HJE355

Get a look at the Panasonic RP-HJE355. Pros:
  • Affordable moderate price of $22.99, at time of workout ear buds05
  • Three types of interchangeable ear pads; small, medium and large to help find a comfortable and snug fit for the little- to large-eared person.
  • Cord adjuster helps prevent the cord from tangling.
  • Good for both working out and everyday music listening during your commute by reducing passive noise.
  • Still connected to device so can be cumbersome.
  • No built-in microphone to use for voice calls.
  • Not sweat-resistant.
Being a pro and relying on your workout partner (in this case, your tunes!) means you need to invest in quality gear. You wouldn't use sub-par apparel or ingest protein or pre-workout supplements that are just okay. The choice is ultimately yours, but if you want the best bang for your ears you need to invest into the best workout earbuds that will last a lifetime€¦ or at least through a multitude of sweat sessions at the gym! Remember ... If you think you can or think you can't€¦ You're right!


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