Limited Edition Innovator 300 Gaspari Meal Management Bag!

Innovator300 Gaspari Meal Management BagYou already know our focus at 6 Pack Fitness is on making health and nutrition as efficient as possible for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and gym-goers everywhere. Therefore, partnering up with Gaspari Nutrition, another company dedicated to the pursuit of bodily perfection, was a no-brainer! Together, we offer a limited edition meal management bag that has all the greatest features of our Innovator 300 filled with all the best supplements from Gaspari. The Innovator 300 – Gaspari Edition is a one hundred dollar value now for only $69.99. This meal management bag is fully loaded with a variety of Gaspari Nutrition supplements and a protein shaker. Our original meal prep solution is being taken to the next level with the addition of the best supplements developed by Gaspari. You already know our bag is made to be functional and contain everything you need to travel fit. We're just helping you fill out the "everything" part. The Innovator 300 – Gaspari Meal Management Bag comes with 3 Snap Lid Containers, 2 Gel Packs, Sports Nutrition Organizer, Superdrive Pre-Training Superfuel 20 Servings, Anavite Sport Multi-Vitamin & Amino Acid Powder Sample, MyoFusion Elite Protein Series Sample, MyoFusion Probiotic Series Sample, and Gaspari Nutrition Protein Shaker Bottle. Innovator300 Gaspari Meal Management Bag For our bodybuilding athletes, CrossFit buffs, and anyone else who trains hard and eats clean, there is a limited amount left of the Innovator 300 – Gaspari Edition bags. Check them out and make sure you pick up yours today! Supplement (see what we did there?) your focus on fitness even more with some of our insights, such as our Top 10 Muscle Recovery Tips and Essential Supplements For Women, Parts One and Two!

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